Bling Things: Shopping Repossi’s Heart Hoops and Marie Lichtenberg’s Lockets

Welcome to Bling Things, Vogue’s monthly spotlight of jewelry bijoux, handpicked by our resident jewelry experts. each month Daisy Shaw-Ellis, Vogue’s jewelry director, and Charlotte Diamond, Vogue’s associate fashion editor, will select two things that are so good they can’t keep them to themselves.

Daisy Shaw-Ellis, Vogue jewelery director

Repossi Antifer Heart Large 18kt rose gold single earring

I am a fan of mixing and matching earrings, even buying singles. This approach works best when you have more than one piercing in each ear—but it can work if you don’t as well, I promise. I’m eyeing this Repossi single heart hoop as a sweet new addition to my collection of singles. It’s a heart camouflaged as a hoop; you can only see its full shape from the side. It makes the shape less twee and more grown-up, and the angles catch the light in a fresh way that brings something new to the ear.

Charlotte Diamond, Vogue associate fashion editor

Marie Lichtenberg Love You garnet, sapphire & 14k gold locket

During and since the pandemic, I have become a huge fan of jewelry with meaning. Whether it be a necklace laden with sentimental charms or a ring with my birthstone, these pieces of jewelry provide me with an extra bit of power and strength. Marie Lichtenberg’s lockets are a fun and unique take on this type of jewelry, and the colorful strands are perfect for summer. I look forward to layering this piece with other necklaces and creating an even more meaningful necklace stack.

March 2023

Daisy Shaw-Ellis, Vogue jewelery director

Lizzie Fortunato Murano pearl earrings

We’ve earned it—it’s spring! There’s a lot to get excited about with the new season: the promise of warmth. The promise of travel. The promise of leaving works while it’s still light out. On a personal level, I’m thrilled at the promise of my first spring break trip since college—although this time around, it’s with three kids and zero wrist bracelets, but I digress. The jaunt to warmer climes means I’m adding these Lizzie Fortunato pearl-drop earrings to my cart. Yes, pearls are seasonless and a constant trend—deep research here let you’re new to the Vogue Jewelry page. But these pearls have a spring in their step, pun intended. They’re breezy and begging to be worn for cocktails in a tropical location (earrings, I promise to do so!) and will serve all summer long.

Retrouvai puzzle necklace

I recently had the pleasure of sitting with Kirsty Stone (Retrouvai’s designer) at the Gem Awards, aka the Oscars of jewelry (or that’s how the industry describes them). Stone, nominated for Jewelry Designer of the Year, graciously decked me out in her giant, beautiful, and colorful showstopper pieces. She’s also a grand master of smaller, quieter, very clever pieces. I love this puzzle piece for everyone and to wear to everything. I especially love it as something to be earmarked, forwarded, or self-purchased for Mother’s Day next month (or honestly, any day—let’s be honest) for fairly obvious reasons. Without getting sentimental, let me tell your partner/parent/best friend/child to embrace the sentiment for you.

February 2023

Daisy Shaw-Ellis, Vogue jewelery director

Lisa Eisner Three Directions earrings

You really can’t go wrong with any piece by Lisa Eisner—her jewelry is sculptural, informed by nature, and just downright cool. I love these earrings with black jade from Wyoming (Eisner’s home state) for their combination of strength (in color and shape) and femininity (in the delicate drops). I’d style these just as much with jeans and a T-shirt as a suit or minimal dress. Need another reason? In the grand scheme of stones with meaning, black jade wards off the negative and protects the wearer—who doesn’t need both of those things in their lives these days?!

Dora Fung, contributing editor

Fashion month has kicked off in New York, and everyone I know is frantically getting their looks together for the shows; will it be hot, will it be cold, and which of the Bling Empire: New York cast will we bump into the show? I stick to my staple brands and styles, so I am all set on the clothing side. However, I need to discuss with you guys a dream piece of jewelry. Please meet the green donut 14k gold, malachite, and diamond bracelet from jewelry designer Mateo. This is the perfect bracelet, and here’s why: If you are a black-hue-only person, the green malachite will pop in a sea of ​​dark silhouettes, not to mention the diamonds linking it all together will shine for you. If you are a colorful-hue kind of person, the green will work well with shades of blues, yellows, and reds—you catch my drift. It’s luxurious with daywear and the perfect addition to a cocktail dress. I was also inspired by all the editors sporting Mateo to the Fifteen Percent Pledge Gala recently, in a room full of amazing brands, and still standing out, which is worth a shout-out.

January 2023

Daisy Shaw-Ellis, Vogue jewelery director

Mateo sapphire & 14kt gold tennis bracelet

A stack of bracelets isn’t a new concept. By now you’ve likely got the classics: metal, maybe a pearl bracelet, maybe some colorful beads. But a touch of sparkle in a wrist stack and a touch of color? That’s something. This Mateo New York pink sapphire tennis bracelet is a worthy addition. And unlike a classic diamond tennis bracelet, this one is set in yellow gold.

Dora Fung, contributing editor

Lauren x Khoo Gummy Bear Dog necklace

I love a charm collection. Various trinkets and whatnots are clustered around my necklace on a daily basis, from my great-grandmother’s jade to my mother’s emerald to a small gold abacus (I like to think I am ready to count at any given time!). Each one holds a special and fun meaning to me. I am currently building a necklace with various charms collected from my travels and all my favorite bits. I have four so far and am in need of one more to make it a playful five-charm necklace/semi-choker. So you can understand my delight when I found Lauren Khoo’s adorable gummy-bear charm with its own companion dog next to it—and in gold! My favorite candy, a pet dog…say no more, take my credit card! The bear itself is small, approximately 20.5 x 11 x 9mm, and hangs on an 18-inch gold chain, which fits perfectly with the other friends it will be joining. A perfect addition to gift myself this Lunar New Year.

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December 2022

Daisy Shaw-Ellis, Vogue jewelery director

Carolina Bucci FORTE multi-bead necklace & bracelet kit

Colorful, candy-like jewelry—when done right—brings me such joy! The bright beads of this Carolina Bucci Forte bead set are all made of precious stones, which makes it much higher than the set I gave my kids to craft with. I love the idea of ​​gifting (or receiving, let’s be honest) this kit and making myself my own magical pieces.

Dora Fung, contributing editor

Khaite x Elhanati gold-plated spinel earrings

‘Tis the season for all kinds of celebrations but for me, nothing is more festive than a pair of statement earrings—and these Khaite X Elhanati collaborations spark more joy than most. What makes these so special? Let me break it down for you. Firstly, these are limited editions, so once they are gone, they’re gone! Second, the style; they evoke the classic sleekness of Art Deco geometry but feature rare gemstones: bezel-set square black spinels, which are so unusual. The 24k-gold-coated silver also gives the earrings a tactile feel, while Elhanati’s signature techniques—hammering, dripping, and layering—give the piece a vintage feel. They’ll pair wonderfully with a long silk Saint Laurent dress or fun PJs; they’re perfect for an evening cocktail and all the way through to the morning after.

November 2022

Daisy Shaw-Ellis, Vogue jewelery director

Image may contain: Accessories, Jewelry, Gemstone, Earring, Ornament, and Amethyst

Ileana Makri sapphire and 18-carat rose-gold huggie earrings

There’s just something about the humble huggie hoop—the small hoop that hugs the ear. I have a few piercings in each ear—a hazard of the trade—and at least one of the earrings in my stack is a whisper-thin huggie. i like these as they would fit right in with my lobe style but be just as impactful if I wore them solo. I also appreciate that they’re pink, subtly feminine but not overly bright; not too rosy, not too blue. And, to be totally honest, they’re giving me jewelry chameleon. That is, they go with everything—everything. Their sparkle just adds to their magic.

Dora Fung, contributing editor

Image may contain: Accessories, Jewelry, Necklace, and Lamp

Sophie Bille Brahe Siren necklace

I am a layerer of necklaces. I wear various charms on my necklaces collected throughout the years, and I’m forever adding more to my collection. This Sophie Bille Brahe Siren necklace, from the designer’s La Regina Del Mare Adriatico collection, is a standout for me. From the single pearl to the thin gold necklace, its sheer simplicity gives me low-key sophistication. This necklace is a fun way to wear pearl trends without going too deep into the mania of strands of pearls. For me, this is the perfect partner for a The Row black dress or a white tank with jeans à la Bottega Veneta.

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