The Beating Heart Diamond – VD Global, released

In India, a diamond company has its hands on a jewel that is rarer than rare—a large, hollow diamond, inside of which rests another, smaller diamond.

Dubbed the “Beating Heart,” there is enough room inside the cavity to allow the smaller diamonds to tumble around. Only one other such discovery has ever been made, and the company hopes to leave it uncut and unpolished to promote the natural splendor of the gemology therein.

Vallabh Dhanjibhai Global in the west Indian state of Gujarat is a sightholder of the De Beers Group, the world’s largest diamond exchange.

“We found it unique as this diamond had a small diamond in its internal cavities,” said VD Global owner Vallabh Vaghasia, who explained it arrived in a container of normal unprocessed diamonds.

“We examined it for a longer time to understand the natural making of rough diamonds, and later we named it ‘Beating Heart’ due to its unusual composition.”

“We will not get it cut or polished,” Vaghasia’s nephew, who also works at the company, told The Indian Express. “My uncle promotes natural diamonds, so this unique piece of diamond will be used as a medium to promote natural diamonds.”

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In 2019, Russian diamond handlers revealed the Matryoshka Diamond to the world, the only other one that’s ever been found with a cavity occupied by another, smaller diamond.

Vaghasia sent the Beating Heart to De Beers for research, who in turn produced a paper theorizing how such a unique material could come into being.

Conditions under the Earth that were just right for making diamonds produced the small inner stone, but as it continued to ‘grow’ as it was, conditions changed, leading to an outer shell of poor quality, fibrous diamond. Then, conditions returned to optimal, and a second layer of high quality diamond coalesced.

On its journey from the depths of the planet to the surface, the porous diamond layer eroded away, leaving one encased in the other, together a total of 0.329 carats.

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India has produced more than a dozen of the world’s most famous diamonds. Though they are mined in Andhra Pradesh in the east, Surat, Gujarat’s capital, is known as the Diamond City of India because 8 of every 10 polished and cut diamonds traded worldwide were produced in Surat.

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