A mineral that is chemically a crystalline form, or allotrope, of carbon. Diamonds are famous for having special physical properties, especially the hardness factor which can reach the highest Mohs hardness scale and its ability to disperse light.

High Class

Jewelry is also experiencing trends along with the times. No exception jewelry from diamonds. Even these jewelry trends can be used as a source of inspiration in combining fashion. Includes a variety of options for everyday use, special occasions or wedding jewelry.


In its history, there is no such thing as a used diamond. Even though it is used for generations, its price will continue to skyrocket. Generally influenced by several things such as the rarity of the type, high demand, and beauty.


Wearing jewelry to look perfect is certainly very important. However, it is also necessary to pay attention to the right place and time to wear the diamond jewelry. In addition to diamond jewelry has a price that is not small, diamonds also generally have a small size so that if lost it will be difficult to find.

Stud Earrings

Stud earrings are arguably the simplest model of earrings. With their usually small shape, perched stud earrings cover the ear canal


Hoops are a type of hoop earrings. The size can vary greatly, from small, medium to large. Lightweight materials 


Still circular, huggies are smaller than hoops. When worn, these earrings look ’embracing’ the lower ear because they are the right size and there is no space left. 

Drop Earrings

Studs earrings that extend to the bottom. The length varies, from just hanging down to the bottom of the earlobe to an even lower position

The engagement ring is one of the jewelry given by men during the application process

Jewelery around the finger. The ring can be worn by both men and women. Traditionally, rings are usually made of precious metals; such as gold, silver and platinum.


All News Jewelery

All news about the latest to the oldest jewelery has been recapitulated here, please read

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