Hero Vic cop allegedly denied promotion over IV with earrings

Victorian police officer Sally Fairweather with one of the people she helped rescue

It’s claimed a hero Victorian police officer who saved three people from drowning was denied a promotion because she wore earrings during a television interview.

In December, Leading Senior Constable Sally Fairweather leapt into action when she saw three people in trouble in Pykes Creek Reservoir, west of Melbourne.

The Daily Mail says two men and an eight-year-old boy had fallen from a jet ski. They had life jackets on but couldn’t swim.

She jumped into the cold water, swam 250 meters and got them back to safety by using the jet ski.

She was an Acting Sergeant at the time.

Fairweather then carried out a number of TV interviews where she was wearing earrings, in breach of police uniform policy.

“All Victoria Police officers and PSOs are expected to abide by the uniform and appearance standards,” a statement from Victoria Police read.

“The Victoria Police Manual clearly states that officers are not allowed to wear earrings of any kind while on duty.”

They said Fairweather’s actions were a “heroic act”, but it “is important that members maintain the uniform standards at all times and it is not uncommon to have a conversation with someone if they are not abiding by the policy”.

7News has reported Fairweather now believes she’s been knocked back from a permanent promotion because of her error.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews called for “common sense” to prevail.

“I would hope common sense prevails here and the only consideration there should be the outstanding quality of her service, her courage, and her commitment to keeping Victorians safe.”

The police said she was no longer in the acting position and was on unplanned leave.

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