Brandi Rhodes Calls Herself ‘A Diamond’ In Posts About Overcoming Adversity

It’s safe to say that Brandi Rhodes has gone through quite a lot during her wrestling career. The former WWE and AEW star, who was also an executive during her time with AEW, has faced her share of adversity, criticism, and unfortunately even hate during her time in the business, and it appears to have only made her stronger as she moves forward in life.

Early Tuesday afternoon, Rhodes tweeted out a two part message for her followers, talking about the challenges she has faced before tying it in to an inspirational message for others who have faced similar challenges as her. “Here’s what’s real,” Rhodes tweeted. “There are real barriers in this world. For women, for people of color, for people in the LBGTQIA+ communities and more. I land in two of these categories. As a recent mom, I find the challenges to be even greater as I grow in this life stage.”

“There’s a lot of ignorance out there,” Rhodes continued. “It doesn’t define us. Ignoring it won’t make it vanish. However, success speaks volumes. Diamonds are formed out of pressure. I’m a diamond, as are so many that can identify. It’s not easy, though it appears to be from the outside.” Since leaving AEW alongside her husband, Cody Rhodes, this past winter, Rhodes has largely focused on out of the ring projects, though she has been seen training in the WWE Performance Center and reportedly orchestrated charity representation from Kulture City for WWE SummerSlam back in July . As for her husband, “The American Nightmare” is still recovering from a torn pectoral muscle, and his return date is unknown. It’s unknown if Brandi Rhodes will join him in WWE once he returns.