5 Jewelry Trends That Will Define Summer 2023

Last but certainly not least, the final jewelry trend you should watch out for this summer is timepieces. Like all jewelry, one can argue that watches outlast any trend cycle—and in some ways, that’s true. But modern technology has, in some way, made the watch feel dated. After all, with so many of us relying on an array of devices, from iPhones, laptops, tablets, and to keep up with the times, it can be easy to dismiss the idea of ​​needing a traditional watch too. And yet more and more people are wearing watches on and off the runway. For instance, in Michael Kors and No. 21’s S/S 23 collections, we saw models sauntering down the runway wearing multiple watches. At the same time, more influencers than ever have been spotted showing off timepieces.

Understanding precisely why this trend is poised to take over this summer doesn’t take too much introspection. On the surface level, watches have begun to feel like jewelry pieces. Some feature colorful faces, embellishments, and even unique bands made from chains that wrap around the wrist. But on a deeper level, I suspect that the fast-moving nature of living in a technological era, with cultural and political upheaval, is leading to this trend’s boon. When times are moving fast, and the world is constantly changing, we want to watch the minute hand move slowly by. Being able to relish every second of summertime is something we all secretly desire, and this trend allows us to do just that.