8, Apr 2023
Mejuri Bold Pearl Hoop Earrings Review

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  • I bought Mejuri’s Bold Pearl Hoops because I wanted nickel-free statement jewelry.
  • For $98, these earrings are lightweight enough for everyday wear and feel worth the money.
  • They’re also versatile enough for fancy events like weddings and I love how unique they look.

I’ve always been subtly aware of places to shop for fine jewelry. But in my teens and early 20s, I was unlikely to seriously consider a jewelry brand like Mejuri. I preferred my statement earrings, always choosing value packs over splurging on one set (they fit my post-grad budget and feel more fun). Did my favorites have radioactive canary-yellow feathers and dangle down to my shoulders? Sure — but were they on sale for $8? Sold!

Sadly, in the past few years, I developed a nickel allergy which halted my feverish purchase of plastic jewelry shaped like pizza slices or alligators. It meant if I wanted earrings at all, I’d have to research affordable quality jewelry brands with nickel-free options.

If you haven’t already guessed, I’m not exactly an expert when it comes to semi-fine jewelry. My priciest pieces have all been gifts from other people, and I know 2 or 3 three jewelry brands off the top of my head. Mejuri happened to be one. And as soon as I started browsing their site, I quickly fell in love:

They were vibrant enough to catch my eye, 18-karat gold over sterling silver (meaning no nickel!), and seemed versatile enough to actually be worth the $98 price tag.

I’m glad to say these earrings and I are in a happy, mostly monogamous relationship. Here are 3 reasons why I love Mejuri’s Bold Pearl Hoops.

They feel more interesting than plain hoops and really stand out.

Author wearing Mejuri Bold Pearl Hoop Earrings.

Julia Pugachevsky/Insider

Mejuri has plenty of smaller earrings and standard metal hoops all of which would be easy to wear every day.

But these — arguably their boldest, as you can infer from their name — spoke to me. The Mejuri Bold Pearl Hoop earrings are stacked with freshwater pearls in an organic shape (which I find much more unique than the ones seen in most pearl jewelry pieces), which naturally pop even with my hair worn down.

Plus, I’ve gotten so many compliments on them, including from my objectively more fashion-forward friends.

They’re versatile enough to wear to work, low-key happy hours, and casual weddings.

Author wearing Mejuri Bold Pearl Hoops with a peach-colored formal dress and a denim jacket.

Marisa McBride Photography

I’ve worn my Mejuri Bold Pearl Hoops to the office, for casual get-togethers, and even to weddings. They can quickly dress up a plain T-shirt and jeans (my most frequent look) or complement a more formal dress without looking too fussy.

The only thing I’d say is I tend to wear these more in the summer (they look especially great with a tan and some beachy attire), but they’re a staple of my wardrobe 80-90% of the time.

Despite how they look, they’re lightweight enough for everyday wear.

Author wearing Mejuri Bold Pearl Hoop Earrings at a party.

Julia Pugachevsky/Insider

Here’s the most important part: These hoops are much lighter than they look. Unlike when I was 22 and tolerating heavy steel earrings for #fashion, my post-pandemic, work-from-home self can’t be bothered to wear anything uncomfortable anymore, especially accessories.

Are there days when I’m just not in the mood to have anything on my ears, no matter how light? Sure. But the fact that I’ve sported these frequently, as a woman who’s rotated the same five oversized sweaters all winter, speaks to how well-made the Mejuri Bold Pearl Hoop earrings are.

The bottom line

Author wearing Mejuri Bold Pearl Hoops in a floral top.

Julia Pugachevsky/Insider

When I originally ordered these from Mejuri, I accidentally mistyped my unit number, so while FedEx said they shipped, I never received them. I assumed it was a weird mistake, but one of the building staff, who I’ll call Charlene, said it would bug her to not know what happened and, upon digging through some security footage, saw that a unit on our floor was given the earrings by mistake, never returned the package, and then moved away.

My first impulse was to be mad. But all was well after realizing I clearly had great enough taste to be stolen from, and thankfully Mejuri sent me another pair of Bold Pearl Hoops free of charge.

Was there a little bit of drama involved in me getting these? Yes — but I’d do it all over again for my Mejuri Bold Pearl Hoops. And to whoever took my package: Great earrings, right?

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