Kate Middleton’s BAFTA dress with gloves and Zara earrings was a ‘rare miss’

However, a US style expert and stylist told Express the look was a rare miss for the Princess of Wales. Hallie Abrams, founder of The Wardrobe Consultant, said: “It pains me to say I did not love Princess Kate’s BAFTA ensemble.”

She explained: “I love the idea that she re-wored the gorgeous Alexander McQueen white gown and I also loved that she is backing a trend we saw on the red carpets of both the Golden Globes and Grammy’s this year, opera gloves.

“However, I did not love how the black opera gloves looked with the light and airy white gown. In my opinion, the outfit did not feel cohesive. There was something missing to tie it all together.

“I generally adore all of Princess Kate’s looks, and feel like she rarely misses, so this actually makes me sad to say.”

The gloves were met with a mixed reaction by online fans. On US royal content creator HR Lady Alyssa’s TikTok account one user, Anita, wrote: “Love the dress, especially since it’s been reworked. However, those gloves are a miss.”

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