Holly Adams noticed a gap in locally-made African attire, so she decided to take matters into her own hands.

The Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia, woman is the owner of Hollydrops, an Afrocentric line of handmade jewelry and products that promote diversity and inclusion.

“I grew up in a family of mixed races,” said Adams. “It’s very important to see a reflection of yourself and I knew that was something I wanted to include in my own business.”

Incorporating traditional fabrics and designs, her unique and colorful pieces focus on celebrating culture while paying homage to her African heritage.

“It’s what inspired me to include pieces with women wearing African attire, head wraps and natural hair,” said Adams.

There’s also her activism apparel, featuring pieces with messages like “Black Lives Matter” and “I am Black History.”

“I thought that it was a great way that we could share these important messages in a fashionable way,” said Adams.

Adams says what resonates with customers is seeing themselves represented in her products.

“I was at a local market and a mother and her child came through. She loved a pair of my earrings. She felt so much pride in seeing a young, African child with natural hair that looked just like her.”

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