Eddie Redmayne has given up wearing wedding ring | Entertainment News

Eddie Redmayne has given up wearing a wedding ring.

‘The Theory of Everything’ star has been married to Hannah Bagshawe since 2014 but he no longer wears a band on his left hand after losing the original while shooting his 2015 film ‘The Danish Girl’ and then misplacing the second ring he bought to replace it.

Speaking to the Guardian, Eddie joked: “Spotted without his ring!” before adding: “I am incredibly happily married so I’m afraid there’s no scoop there.”

The 41-year-old actor previously opened up about the loss of his original wedding ring onset just months after walking down the aisle – insisting he tried to take care of it by pinning it to his costume every day but he still managed to lose it .

He told E! News: “When you’re filming you have to take off these things and I actually lost my wedding ring. So this is a new wedding ring that is being worn. I was pinning it to my costume every day and one day it disappeared . .. “

He went on to admit he had trouble telling his wife Hannah what had happened, saying: “I sort of skirted around it [the issue of the lost ring]. But anyway, I like the new one.”

The new one also disappeared so Eddie has now resolved to remain ring-free. The couple married in a ceremony at a manor house near Bath, England in 2015 and went on to become parents to two children.

Eddie previously opened up about how Hannah manages to keep him grounded while he’s working in the whirlwind of Hollywood.

He told People.com: “I think saint might be the word. She is an absolute saint. And it’s a ride for both of us. It’s wonderful doing it with someone you love because you also have a second eye on it all.”

“This whole industry is the most joyous, absurd circus. It’s great to have someone when you get too immersed in it or drink the Kool-Aid to say, ‘Wait a second?'”

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