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Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

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Jewelry is a type of armor in Tears of the Kingdom that can provide resistance to elemental attacks or even the weather. Then there are the Amber Earrings, which do not give Link any resistance. However, when fully upgraded, they are some of the best armor that players will find.

The Amber Earrings in Tears of the Kingdom can be found in the Gerudo Region. They’re also quite expensive at the start of a new playthrough. Thus, if players intend on buying a pair, they’ll want to save up their Rupees before crossing Hyrule’s desert.


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Amber Earrings Location (TotK)

loz totk gerudo town jewelry shop

The Amber Earrings can be bought in Gerudo Town (-3875, -2864, 0043) in the Gerudo Shelter or at the Gerudo Town’s Jewelry Store, Starlight Memories. To reach Gerudo Town, players will want to leave Kara Kara Bazaar (-3273, -2551, 0023)which can be reached from the Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower (-2424, -2200, 0301).

Gerudo Hideout (Amber Earrings)

If this is the player’s first time visiting the Gerudo Desert, they’ll need to navigate the sandstorm to Gerudo Town. Use one of the Sand Seals near Kara Kara Bazaaror walk out into the desert and use the paraglider in the wind tunnels so that it propels Link above the storm. From there, players will be able to see how far away Gerudo Town is from their location.

Activate the Soryotanog Shrine at the very top of Gerudo Town to make a Travel Point.

  1. Once in Gerudo Town, players will need to enter the waterways at -3792, 2903, 0043 near the north gate.
  2. Jump down, and walk along the path until a letters in a bottle floats down the waterways. What’s inside isn’t important, so it’s not required to read them.
  3. Players will then need to follow the bottles towards an opening in the ceiling.
  4. Use ascend to enter the Gerudo Hideout from below.

Once the scene ends, there’s a jewelry stand to the right of the Hideout’s entrance. The jeweler will sell a Sapphire and Ruby Circlet as well as the Amber Earrings.

Gerudo Town (Amber Earrings)

If players have already completed the Lightning Temple with Riju, then Gerudo Town will be restored to its former glory. from the northgatego to the right and into the jewelry store: Starlight Memories. Aside from the Amber Earringsthere will be a broader selection of accessories than there were in the hideout.

Once the Lightning Temple is completed, the jewelry accessories will be moved from the hideout to the jewelry shop in Gerudo Town.

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Amber Earrings Cost

loz totk amber earrings location cost

Players can buy the Amber Earrings from the hideout or the jewelry store for 400 Rupees. If players are struggling to come up with the money, they can earn more Rupees by doing one or more of the following:

  • Sell ​​valuable gems, such as Diamonds. There’s a Gerudo Merchant that appears in Goron City after completing the Fire Temple that will buy bundles of 10 gems for twice the price they’d go for at a regular merchant. For exampleshe’ll pay 5,500 Rupees for 10 Diamonds.
  • Do the “Lucky Clover Gazette” Side Adventure. Each time Link helps Penn, he’ll earn payment from the Lucky Clover Gazette. The pay increases with the more tasks he completes.
  • Sell ​​unwanted Meals. The “stronger” the effects of a meal, the more they’ll sell.

Can You Upgrade the Amber Earrings?

loz totk amber earrings upgrade great fairy

The Amber Earrings can be upgraded, but they are not part of a set, which means they do not have a Set Bonus. Amber Earrings start out with a base defense of 4. If fully upgraded, their base defense can be raised to 28.

While the materials and prices for fully upgrading the Amber Earrings is costly, it’s worth it for those who need powerful accessories/headgear:




















Amber and flint are some of the most common drops from Ore Deposits. Unlike Rare Ore Deposits, Amber and Flint can be farmed from just about any. Players will want to use the weapons they have don’t mind breaker when mining for ore. The best places to find deposits are in caves, wells, or in the caves near Goron City/Eldin Region.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available for Nintendo Switch.

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