Who Keeps the Ring if the Engagement Ends in a Breakup?

Perhaps not surprisingly, we have found relatively few cases in which someone sued an ex over this issue.

Not even Ben Affleck did that. Had he tried to sue J. Lo in 2004 in a California court, he might have won. But his success would have turned on how the engagement ended.

Besides, as you may have heard, the high-profile couple reunited in 2021 and married in 2022.

The second engagement ring Affleck gave Lopez is a rare 8.5-carat green diamond with two white trillion-cut diamond side stones reportedly worth $5 million. J. Lo gets to keep it forever now that she’s saying her name is Mrs. Jennifer Lynne Affleck.

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Naomi Chan is a law professor at the University of Virginia. She is an expert in family law, trusts and estates, feminist jurisprudence, reproductive technology, and aging and the law.

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