Thieves steals $500K in jewelry, cash from local store after cutting through the roof

FAIRFIELD TOWNSHIP, Ohio — Fairfield Twp. are looking for a pair or team of thieves who may have seen one too many heist movies.

Police investigators say the thieves broke into a jewelry store on Hamilton-Middletown Road by cutting through its roof and then stealing around $500,000 worth of jewels and cash.

“It definitely took some time,” said Fairfield Twp. police Sgt. Brandon McCroskey. “They had to have equipment ― saws, etc. ― to cut a hole through the roof, and dropped down through the ceiling into one of the rooms and then stole a large amount of merchandise and money.”

Sometime overnight Thursday, a team of at least two, maybe more, thieves broke into Unique Jewelers and Fashion, 4105 Hamilton-Middletown Road in the Green Crest Plaza, and were not detected by the alarm system. The owner became aware of the theft when the store opened Thursday morning.

“We know for a fact they scoped (the store) out before they did it,” McCroskey said. “It was definitely carefully planned.”

McCroskey said investigators are working with other police agencies because they “suspect it’s tied to others in the area,” adding the modus operandi seems “spot on” to what happened at Unique Jewelery and Fashion.

“We are working with other agencies on some viable information and leads, and looking at several different things and getting search warrants,” he said. “We are in the midst of the investigation.”

There are other businesses in the Green Crest Plaza, but while some received damage, none experienced any thefts, McCroskey said.

Anyone with information should call CrimeStoppers at 513-352-3040 or the Fairfield Twp. Police Department’s investigation section at 513-887-4406.