23, Jan 2023
The Rise of ‘Phygital’ and its Impact on E-Commerce – CXService360

As the world is gradually transforming from physical to digital, it has become essential for e-commerce brands to enhance their shopping experience. This has now become a game changer for the retail industry.

With the rise of technology, online shopping has become a way of life for most customers, and mobile devices have become the tool of choice for customers to meet these demands.

In today’s era customers are expecting more from businesses and prefer to buy products online, This has made e-commerce businesses look more for creative and innovative ways to engage their customers Nowadays this online shopping is more accessible and Brick-and-mortar stores are also an important part of the equation, particularly when it comes to nurturing brand loyalty and generating repeat sales.

This merging of offline and online technologies creates what brands now refer to as ‘phygital.’ Phygital strategies offer far more than a clickable buy button; they blend physical and virtual experiences into an immersive buying environment.

What is phygital?

Phygital brings the best of both the worlds physical and digital to deliver an immersive virtual shopping experience. The objective is to transfer the best aspects of the physical consumer experience into the digital realm and vice versa from the comfort of their home. This has allowed them to fill the gap in the physical and digital world.

The future is now physical, allowing sellers and retailers to enjoy the benefits of both physical and digital experiences. It enhances consumer buying experiences and generates more upselling & cross-selling by holding on to them.

Advantages of physical customer experience

#1. Personalized experience

One of the primary advantages of physical services is a personalized experience. The goal of Phygital is real-time interaction and product presentations is to enhance the customer experience. Phygital leverages digital tools to create an immersive, store-like experience for your customers from their comfort.

The customer has more freedom and can make more tailored purchases in a physical location. It even offers users guided assistance for finding and interacting with a product and finishing their transaction simultaneously.

#2. Establish brand loyalty

A virtual shopping experience can help buyers develop higher brand recall and recognition. Additionally, a better customer experience will be embraced by the incorporation of technology in actual stores and other customer touchpoints.

If customers feel that they are heard, and are given answers, that allows them to be in a more intuitive atmosphere, which makes life easy for your customers and they are more likely to stay and buy again. This contributes to a higher client lifetime value.

#3. Boost sales & revenue

Customers can connect with you and your products before making a purchase visit to your retail location. This will support growing customer awareness and trust in your brand. This contributes to boosting revenue for your business.

As customer satisfaction and brand recognition rise, brand loyalty will correspondingly rise. Studies show that repeat buyers are five times more likely to become loyal customers, and referrals to friends are four times more likely.

Phygital is here to stay

Customers in today’s world demand a physical customer experience. Combining the benefits of a physical encounter with the convenience of virtual shopping is critical. The potential Not only are real stores going digital, but e-commerce brands are also deliberately launching pop-up shops to give their digital brands a physical presence.

Shoppers may physically handle products, get an in-store experience and interact with salespeople who can offer tips on how to make the most of the products. This is advantageous for both retailers and customers.


Phygital is the combination of physical and digital spaces, the two merging into one cohesive whole. As phygital continues to grow as a concept there will be more and more uses for it than we can’t even imagine yet, its already changing the way we interact with brands, making them more accessible than ever before We can say that the phygital a massive impact on e-commerce.

The digital and physical are no longer two opposites. The rise of phygital will change the way we interact with phygital commerce brands to provide a personalized and immersive experience that is everlasting.

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