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Hanhart 417 ES Hands-On Watch Review

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Hanhart 417 ES

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Hanhart Watches and this Hanhart 417 ES is no different. Taking inspiration from the past, Hanhart has recreated the 417 ES, but this one is

Tudor Pelagos 39 In-Depth Overview

For years now followers of Tudor have been hoping that the model would make an up to date model of their Snowflake Submariner, and I will be sincere I did not assume it could ever occur. However it’s precisely what

Citizen Promaster Fugu Palms-On Watch Overview

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Citizen Promaster Fugu

Out there for a dive watch? In case you are, you then already know, that there’s nearly no finish to your choices as of late. However, what a couple of traditional, some would say
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