14, Feb 2023
Status From Hilton Honors Diamond Fast Track valid Through March 2024 Or 2025?

Last month, Hilton launched several status fast tracks for Silver, Gold, and Diamond members to renew their status in 2023.

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Now, there is a question of whether the status of this fast track is valid through March 2024 or 2025.

You can access Hilton’s page for status benefits here.

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Status of Fast Track Sign-Up Links:

A Loyalty Lobby reader sent us the following message:

Have you received feedback from readers that last minute call promotion from Hilton extending their status to march 2025?

In Thailand, there are many who got extended to 2025 and some who got only 2024 as well. I asked one who got extend to 2025 He didn’t maintain his 2023 status but he got 2 years from the promo.

I just read the promo terms and conditions and the Frequently Asked Questions, and neither deals with how long the status of this offer is valid.

Theoretically, a status earned in 2023 is valid through March 2025.

It depends on how this offer is programmed at Hilton’s end. Is completion merely renewing your 2022 status for an additional year, or is it considered a qualification?

Has your status from this offer valid through March 2024 or 2025? Please leave a comment below.

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It is pretty remarkable that status earned from 2018 can in essence be extended through march 2025 due to various Hilton’s covid tier support initiatives.

I have previously said it does make sense to help those members who live in markets in 2022 where significant travel restrictions are still in place (read Asia). However, I am reluctant if offering everyone an easy renewal is the right choice globally.

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