Oak Lawn jewelry store broken into, owner ‘beaten severely,’ family says

OAK LAWN, Ill. — The owner of an Oak Lawn jewelry store is in the hospital after a trio of suspects burst through a wall in the business and stole property, on top of assaulting the owner.

Police said Elias Mseeh, owner of Ramallah Jewelry in Oak Lawn, had just opened up for the day, around 12:15 pm, when three thieves burst through a wall into the store.

“It looks like they just kicked in the wall,” said Gerald Vetter, Division Chief of Oak lawn PD.

According to police, the trio broke into a vacant retail space next door to Ramallah Jewelry and were cutting through one side of the wall when they heard Mseeh on the other side, and kicked in the rest of the wall.

Suspects in Oak Lawn jewelry store robbery

The family told WGN the burglars immediately snipped the phone line, which actually triggered the store’s alarm, but the robbery proceeded for approximately seven more minutes.

During that time, the family said Mseeh was tied up, beaten severely and the display cases were smashed.

“From what I’m aware of, they took gold necklaces and bracelets, loose jewelry and stuff like that from the repair room,” Vetter said.

The family said the thieves’ primary target was the key to the store’s safe, but Mseeh did not have it on him. It was with his business partner, who had yet to arrive Monday.

According to police, it was at that point the three suspects left the same way they entered the jewelry store — through the hole in the wall, and took off eastbound on foot.

Hole in the wall made by burglars at Ramallah Jewelry Monday.

“That’s an anomaly,” Vetter said. “Usually, burglaries happen when its dark outside. It’s very rare to have a daylight burglary at a business.”

If you or someone you know has information that can help police track down the suspects in this incident, the Oak Lawn PD encourages you to contact them at 708-499-7796.

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