Neil Diamond celebrates 82nd birthday with ‘Beautiful Noise’ cast, audience on Broadway

So I finally had the chance to see “A Beautiful Noise, the Neil Diamond Musical” on Tuesday, Jan. 24. And sure, it was fun. Lots of great songs, cute costumes. You should see it.

But the best part was after the show. Will Swenson, who plays Diamond in his prime, announced that this was a very special night because it was the legendary singer-songwriter’s 82nd birthday. So Swenson took out this cell phone and FaceTimed Diamond.

The audience cheered when Diamond said hello, and then we all joined the cast and sang “Happy Birthday” to him. There were streamers falling all over me — it was fabulous.

The night ended with all of us singing “Sweet Caroline.”

Will Swenson stars in

Will Swenson stars in “A Beautiful Noise, the Neil Diamond Musical.”

I was pretty close to the stage, so at one point it seemed Diamond was waving right in my direction. Yes, I’m sure he was looking right at me in this sea of ​​people. right? Well, that’s what I’m going to say when I tell this story years from now: Neil Diamond and I had a moment on his birthday.

“Good times never seemed so good” indeed.

Check out the video above from “A Beautiful Noise,” and below from Alan Smason, a theater critic who was in town all the way from New Orleans to see the show.

This article originally appeared on Asbury Park Press: Neil Diamond celebrates birthday with Beautiful Noise cast, audience