Memes & Tweets About Jackie & Marshall’s ‘Love Is Blind’ Ring Drama

Spoilers from Love Is Blind Season 4 ahead. Reality TV’s most addicting “social experiment” still has the power to shock fans, even four seasons in. When Netflix dropped a new batch of episodes on April 7, viewers saw Marshall Glaze and Jackelina “Jackie” Bonds’ relationship take an unexpected turn. Their engagement rapidly imploded as she explored her connection with Josh Demas (aka “Mr. Steal Your Girl”) — but the real bombshell moment for Twitter was what happened next.

During Jackie and Marshall’s breakup conversation, she surprised Marshall and viewers by refusing to give the engagement ring back, after appearing to leave him for Josh. (Marshall still hasn’t gotten the ring back, as he recently told Varietyand he doesn’t think he’ll “see that thing ever again.”) Fans turned to Twitter to process what they’d seen, and based on their memes and tweets about the ring drama, they were united in their dismay.

To say numerous fans thought Jackie’s behavior was disrespectful might be an understatement. Her keeping the ring was just the cherry on top of a brutal breakup. Summing it up, one person tweeted, in part, “The fact that she cheated on Marshall & wouldn’t even give him back in the ring is mind boggling.” (Jackie later addressed the show’s timeline in an Instagram post we’ll get to below.)

After the episode aired, however, Jackie posted a statement on Instagram that discussed the new episodes and the sequence of events viewers saw. She felt she had to “speak the truth,” she wrote, and went on to state that she and Marshall were already broken up before she reconnected with Josh for their coffee shop date. As for the ring, she said that Love Is Blind paid for it, not Marshall.

Buyers aside, some people seemed genuinely confused about why she’d kept Marshall’s engagement ring when she didn’t want to marry him.

Many other fans, however, were convinced Jackie was just keeping the ring to sell it, and they weren’t shy about expressing that viewpoint.

Several fans latched onto the moment when Jackie mentioned doing some work on herself. Their tweets made it clear they thought that would be a great next step for her. “Girls need some serious self-reflection. She even said so, “one fan tweetedin part.

Jackie’s behavior quickly earned her the title of the worst cast member of the season, if not the entire series, in the eyes of some fans. Calling her the villain of the season, one LIB fan added“What you mean you’re keeping the ring?”

more Love Is Blind Season 4 arrives on April 14 on Netflix, with the reunion following on April 16.

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