Elden Ring Mod Adds Asmongold and World of Warcraft Bosses

An amazing new mod for Elden Rings brings Asmongold and a little bit of World of Warcraft to the Lands Between. Players can travel the world of Elden Rings astride flying mounts as the famous Wow streamer Asmongold as they battle four iconic World of Warcraft raid bosses.

this World of Warcraft-themed mod is made by Garden of Eyes–a group of fans working on a massive overhaul project for Elden Rings. The mod is currently in early access, meaning it is only available to their Patreon subscribers. However, once they finish the mod by adding more bosses, items, and other features, it will be available for free.


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the Elden Rings mod itself currently contains 4 World of Warcraft bosses: the Lich King, Illidan, Ragnaros, and Argus the Unmaker. Each of these bosses has a unique model and voice lines from World of Warcraftbut with the challenging mechanics from different encounters in Elden Rings like Radahn and Godfrey. Players can also use the special Asmongold skin, originally created by Wow JAPER fan, featuring the OTK founder in iconic World of Warcraft gears.

Were that not exciting enough, this mod also features flying mounts. The teaser video briefly features the character flying a griffon over a magnificent view of the Lands Between, showing some of the beautiful landscapes in the game from a new perspective. The system itself seems to evoke the popular Dragonriding mechanics from World of Warcraft: Dragonflightand adds a whole new dynamic to the mount system in Elden Rings.

This mod is a part of the Garden of Eyes’ larger Elden Rings overhaul project. This ambitious undertaking seeks to rebuild the Elden Ring experience with new features, like trick weapons and guns from Bloodborne. The project already has over 20 new weapons, 30 new armor sets, 15 new spells, and other exciting features like mount cosmetics and craftable mine traps. The Garden of Eyes also has a Harry Potter-themed overhaul for Elden Rings which, like the World of Warcraft one, can be used alongside the greater mod. This mod promises a brand-new experience for Elden Rings fans.

Many World of Warcraft fans were blown away by The Garden of Eyes’ World of Warcraft Overhaul for Elden Rings. Asmongold himself actually saw the teaser video and was stunned by how good it looked, instantly declaring that he needed to play the mod on stream when it was finished. With over 15,000 views on the teaser in just over two weeks, it is clear the mod got the attention of World of Warcraft and Elden Rings fans alike. Hopefully, this extra publicity will get the Garden of Eyes even more support to continue to make more creative Elden Rings projects.

Elden Rings is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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