3, Dec 2023
Elden Ring Fan Creates Unimaginable Artwork of Turtle Pope Miriel

An Elden Ring fan creates a pleasant piece of art work displaying their appreciation for everybody’s favourite ‘Turtle Pope,’ Miriel, Pastor of Vows.

Elden Ring is an enormous and sprawling motion RPG full of an in depth vary of harmful and horrific enemies. Nevertheless, not each dwelling factor within the Lands Between is a grotesque abomination making an attempt to tear The Tarnished limb from limb. And whereas “pleasant” is usually a relative time period in a From Software program recreation, characters resembling Iron Fist Alexander and Millicent are nearly shockingly good given the sport’s extremely violent setting.

One of many Elden RingMiriel’s friendliest faces is the fan-favorite character, Pastor of Vows, affectionately often called the “Turtle Pope” to followers. one Elden Ring fan determined to color a captivating scene of The Tarnished spending some high quality time with everybody’s favourite priestly reptile.


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Created by an artist often called cyanwhiskey on Twitter, art work just lately made a little bit of a buzz after being reposted on the Elden Ring subreddit. The fan artwork depicts a hooded Tarnished sitting down for a picnic with the large, bishop-hat-wearing tortoise. Along with a goblet and tea kettle, The Tarnished additionally introduced Miriel an unlimited cookie, which he’s fortunately gnawing on. whereas Elden Ring‘s mild Turtle Pope is completely lovable on his personal, cyanwhisky’s art work is nearly impossibly healthful for one thing primarily based on a From Software program recreation.

For anybody who has but to satisfy the Turtle Pope, Miriel, Pastor of Vows, is the steward of the ruined Church of Vows in Elden Ring‘s Liurnia of the Lakes area. He can promote The Tarnished Sorceries and Incantations and is a veritable font of Elden Ring lore. Miriel can also be considered one of two characters who will help the participant be taught new skills by deciphering Prayerbooks. After all, he does all of that whereas being a pleasant and cute large tortoise in a bishop’s hat, so it is comprehensible that Miriel grew to become one thing of a fan favourite.

Reddit person Deidara77 posted the art work to the Elden Ring subreddit on Sunday, asking fellow Elden Ring gamers if they’d something to admit to the Turtle Pope. Confessed Elden Ring sins included utilizing Dragon Communion Incantations in PVP, unintentionally skipping main questlines, murdering pleasant NPCs, and creating an extreme variety of PVP characters. Nevertheless, probably the most upvoted sin was one participant’s failure to “get gud” after repeatedly shedding to Elden Ring‘s overpowered poster-girl Melania.

Followers’ love of Miriel is much from new, and this is not the one instance of Elden Ring gamers displaying their appreciation. In April, a Reddit person named Azonavox shared their real-life tribute to the Turtle Pope. And whereas Aznoavox’s turtle statue in a paper hat is probably not as technically spectacular, it nonetheless exhibits the love that some Elden Ring gamers have for the pleasant previous reptile.

Elden Ring is accessible on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Sequence X/S.

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Supply: Deidara77 on Reddit

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