26, Mar 2023
EDEN CONFIDENTIAL: Jade Jagger, 51, packs in her day job as she gives up designing fine jewelery

Sir Mick Jagger turns 80 in July, but he’s still prancing round the stage with the Rolling Stones.

Yet, I heard that the singer’s daughter, Jade Jagger, is already giving up her career – at the tender age of 51

Jade has been a designer of fine jewelery for three decades. However, yesterday she declared: ‘Today is the first day I decided to stop working at jewelery. I think it will bring new light, new love and new opportunities.

‘Thank you to all that supported me. Change is good.’

The news may come as a relief to Kate Moss, who received a necklace from Jade in 2002. When the supermodel inspects it closely, she is shocked to discover one word spelled out in decorative stones: ‘SLAG’.

Jade — whose mother is Sir Mick’s first (and only) wife Bianca — had been going out for two years with Dan Macmillan, the louche model son of the Earl of Stockton, when she reportedly discovered that he had also been enjoying a relationship with Moss , 49.

Jade: No more jewelery for now

Star: Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones performing on stage at Johan Cruijff Arena in Amsterdam last year

Star: Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones performing on stage at Johan Cruijff Arena in Amsterdam last year

Macmillan was said to have canceled a romantic weekend away with Jade at the Cipriani Hotel in Venice, owing to a ‘work commitment’. However, a friend then reported back to Jade that Macmillan and Moss were spied heading up to a room together at that very same Italian hotel.

Jade turned her passion for ‘bohemian aesthetic, one-of-a-kind jewelery pieces’ into a business, setting up Jade Incorporated in the 1990s.

She began working as the creative director of Garrard, the former Crown jeweler, in 2001. She created the ‘Jagger Dagger’, a sword with an 18-carat white gold hilt studded with 12 carats of brilliant-cut diamonds, 42 pale sapphires, and inlaid with a central blue lapis lazuli square.

Her creations have been worn by famous names including model Cara Delevingne and pop star Rita Ora. In 2018, she released a collection called Madonna, dedicated entirely to the queen of pop.

  • This article has been amended to reflect that Jade Jagger is not Sir Mick Jagger’s eldest child

With her snobbish put-downs, Dame Maggie Smith was a scary figure as the matriarch of the Crawley family in Downton Abbey.

In real life, the actress, 88, could be just as intimidating.

For Sue Johnston, 79, who played the Dowager Countess of Grantham’s lady’s maid Miss Denker, admits: ‘I couldn’t think of a thing to say to Maggie Smith. Scared? I was frightened to death of her!’

Skinner is big-headed!

FRANK SKINNER is due to collect his MBE at Buckingham Palace, but the comedian has a problem: he can’t find a top hat that fits.

‘I’ve got a big head,’ the comedian explains. ‘I mean, big. A wardrobe woman said to me that me and Benny Hill had got the biggest heads in show business. So I went to Moss Bros where they measured my head and said seven and a half. [But] the hat sat more like a hair slide.

‘ ‘Well, we only went up to eight. That’s the maximum at Moss Bros,’ they said.’

You just might have to invest in a bespoke topper, Frank…

Will Earl Spencer attend daughter Amelia’s wedding?

Princess Diana’s niece Lady Amelia Spencer does not get married until later this week, but she’s already given us a glimpse of what we can expect on her big day.

Earl Spencer’s daughter, 30, who’s due to exchange vows with former sports coach Greg Mallett, 30, wore a bridal-inspired cream satin gown as she posed with her twin sister, Lady Eliza, at a pre-wedding drinks party in South Africa, where the wedding will be held.

She and her father decline to say if he’s invited to the celebrations. Historian Charles Spencer did not attend the wedding of the twins’ sister, Lady Kitty, 32, in 2021. Friends tell me they are estranged from Lord Spencer.

Bride-to-be: Lady Amelia (left), with Lady Eliza

Bride-to-be: Lady Amelia (left), with Lady Eliza

He divorced their mother, Victoria, acrimoniously in 1997 and returned to Britain from Cape Town.

Their half-brother, Samuel Aitken, is prepared to walk the bride down the aisle, as he did for Kitty.

‘There’s a lot of pressure for Amelia to give me some sort of role,’ he told me recently. ‘But, of course, if she doesn’t, I won’t be offended.’

Oprah Winfrey’s new best friend!

Oprah Winfrey made public her advice to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex last week over whether they should attend King Charles’ Coronation.

‘They should do what they feel is best for them and for their family,’ declared the American chat-show queen, who interviewed the couple two years ago. While California-based Harry and Meghan might still have the hump with the Royal Family, Oprah has undertaken a journey of her own.

She’s gone to Jordan with her close friend Gayle King. Here, Oprah has posed next to a camel at one of the desert kingdom’s tourist sites.

Desert: Oprah Winfrey poses next to a camel in Jordan

Desert: Oprah Winfrey poses next to a camel in Jordan

How fitting that new father Tom Hiddleston was asked to recite a nursery rhyme at a charity poetry reading.

The Loki star read Old Mother Goose at the Poetry for Every Day of the Year fundraiser at the National Theater for the DEC’s Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.

“It was hilarious and the audience loved it,” event organizer Allie Esiri tells me.

Camilla’s farewell to Elliot

The Queen Consort was so close to her brother-in-law, Simon Elliot, that she invited him and her sister, Annabel, to join her and Charles on their honeymoon in Scotland. And, yesterday, Camilla bid an emotional farewell to Elliot at his funeral in Dorset.

She was joined by the King at Holy Trinity church in Stourpaine, where the funerals of Camilla’s brother, Mark Shand, and her father, Major Bruce Shand, had previously been held.

Camilla, 75, was said to be devastated by the death of the businessman earlier this month at the age of 82. Leading the mourners were Elliot’s three children, former Conservative Party co-chairman Ben Elliot and his sisters, Alice and Catherine.

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