Distraction theft of Manhattan Beach jewelry store

A Manhattan Beach jewelry store is sharing the video of a recent ‘distraction theft’ that cost them more than $15k worth of jewelry, hoping it will prevent others from falling prey to these perpetrators.


Seta, the manager of By Musti Fine Jewelry, told KNX News reporter Nataly Tavidian she looked away for a split second, and when she realized what happened, “I felt violated.”

Seta said the man was “pointing to the other case and asking me questions about some other products there.” While he distracted Seta, the woman reached out and took a pouch off the display case.

She immediately called her brother, who also has a jewelry store in Valencia. After describing the situation, Seta’s brother told her he had encountered the suspects at his store just a few days earlier.

Seta described the suspects as woman in a medical mask and a man with several gold teeth.

According to Seta’s brother, the suspects asked him to see some diamonds and made it clear that the price did not matter.

Seta said she was just grateful it wasn’t a violent robbery and hopes the suspects are caught.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: by Musti