Best Regions For The Tarnished To Explore Next

Elden Ring updates have focused on revitalizing the Lands Between thus far. The next DLC should be outside of the island for the next best setting.

following Elden Rings‘s Colosseums update, attention has turned to what FromSoftware will do next with the Lands Between in DLC material. The Colosseums update was a welcome revitalization of Elden Rings‘s multiplayer experience that is made use of in the arenas already present in the game; but for the next DLC, FromSoftware could make the more ambitious choice of leaving the Lands Between behind and expanding the game’s world.

Elden Rings‘s first DLC was initially expected to take place outside the Lands Between. A cyber attack against Bandai Namco in 2022 was claimed to have leaked Elden Rings‘s first DLC Barbarians of the Badlandsbut this leak was later proven false, and the Colosseum update was FromSoftware’s real first stab at Elden Rings DLC. That still hasn’t stopped fans from speculating new regions the developer might focus on in future DLCs, with the Badlands and Miquella’s Dreams being popular picks.

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The Best Potential Regions For Elden Ring DLC ​​Should Be Action-Packed And Filled With Lore

The Tarnished, riding Torrent, fighting the Tree Sentinel, a boss on horseback with golden armor and weapons.

The best areas outside the Lands Between that Elden Rings can venture to are those that provide helpful lore and are filled with boss battles. Elden Rings leaves so many questions unanswered in its story, and its bosses have become increasingly stale over time that it could be revitalized by moving further afield. If Elden Rings leaves the Lands Between in DLC, it should look for settings that can provide both useful information and challenge players.

Elden Ring Players Should Travel To The Homeland of the Numen

Elden Ring's Queen Marika the Eternal, with her arms outstretched in the manner of someone being crucified.

A DLC that takes Elden Rings players to the Numen homeland could finally clear up important questions regarding the humanoid species. As YouTuber Noctugal explains, Queen Marika, the Black Knife Assassins, and even the Nox are all affiliated with the Numen despite there not being a clear answer as to who they are or where they come from. This only emphasizes the important part they play in Elden Rings‘s lore which could be further explored in DLC.

It could even be said the Numen are like a skeleton key to Elden Rings‘s lore system. Because of their association with the Golden Order, Eternal Cities, and Night of the Black Knives, finding out more about the Numen is crucial to understanding the motivations of key story characters like Marika and Ranni. The best way to then visit the Numen homeland – wherever that may be – would be to take Elden Rings players to the past when Marika was first born as an Empyrean. In this way, the Tarnished could discover more about her intentions with the Golden Order and make a more informed decision as to which Elden Rings ending is the best to choose.

Elden Ring’s Land of Reeds Is Broiled In A Bloody Civil War Perfect For DLC

The Land of Reeds in Elden Ring samurai armor set

An Elden Rings The DLC set in the Land of Reeds would not only be action-packed but entrenched in lore, too. The Land of Reeds armor set explains that the homeland of samurai has long been isolated in the “blood-soaked madness” of civil war. This would make for an exciting DLC ​​setting, as it could feature larger battles and more populated locations than in the Lands Between

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Furthermore, the specific description of “blood-soaked” could help clarify the lore surrounding Elden Rings‘s least explored demigod, Mogh. The Lord of Blood’s strongest Bloody Finger servants – Okina and Elenora – are from the Land of Reeds and are involved in the location’s domestic conflict. Visiting the country in DLC could thus grant Mogh the lore attention he deserves by looking at his involvement in the Land of Reeds’ civil war.

An Eochaid DLC Would Feature Elden Ring’s Toughest Battles

Image of the Eochaidian Elemer of the Briar at the Shaded Castle

Very little is known about the country of Eochaid in Elden Rings, making it a great candidate for a DLC setting. What is known of Eochaid is that it is home to Elemer of the Briar and the Bell-Bearing Hunters. These bosses are among the hardest to fight in the game, as they wield unique magic that allows them to control their swords with their minds. Additionally, Elemer’s armor set explains that those of Eochaid are proudly ascetic warriors. A DLC in Eochaid would thus be filled with hardened, dedicated fighters and be one of Elden Rings‘s hardest areas.

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Source: Noctugal / YouTube

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