17, Apr 2023
Best Jewelry Pieces (And Where To Find Them)

Skyrim is full of magical artifacts that help players contend with the fearsome enemies they must face. Some of these items are small, but they hold immense power, and can easily turn the tide of any battle.

Enchanted jewelry items don’t add to the player’s armor rating, but they provide the Dragonborn with powerful buffs and can even provide access to new abilities. Many of them can be difficult to obtain, however. So before setting off to acquire them, it is important that players know exactly what these pieces of jewelry do, where they can be found, and what quests players must complete to find them.



10 The Bond Of Matrimony

Skyrim split image, The Bond of Matrimony and Maramal performing wedding ceremony

  • Location:

  • Associated Quests:
    The Bonds of Matrimony

This ring is one of the easier pieces of jewelry to find, but it provides players with a use 10% reduction to the cost of Restoration spells. All players need to do to get this ring is to get married. Simply find Maramal in Riften’s Bee and Barb (or the Temple of Mara) and ask him about marriage. The hardest part of this quest is actually finding someone to marry!

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The Bond of Matrimony may not be the most powerful ring in Skyrimbut it’s an excellent addition to any build focusing on Restoration, especially in the early game.

9 Azhidal’s Ring Of Arcana

Skyrim split image, Azhidal's Ring of Arcana and Azhidal raising his hand

  • Location:
    Kolbjorn Barrow

  • Associated Quests:

Travel to the island of Solstheim, added by the Dragonborn DLC, and players might come across an intrepid Dunmer working to dig his way into an ancient Nordic barrow. Offer to help him, and as the dig progresses, players will find numerous powerful artifacts once belonging to the dragon priest Azhidal.

This ring, found in the third phase of the dig, gives players two powerful spells: Ignite and Freeze. They’re both Apprentice-level Destruction spells, yet stronger and more versatile than Firebolt and Ice Spike. They definitely enhance the arsenal of any Destruction mage.

8 The Gauldur Amulet

Skyrim split image, Gauldur Amulet and Gauldur's ghost

  • Locations:
    Saarthal, Geirmund’s Hall, Folgunthur, Reachwater Rock

  • Associated Quests:
    Forbidden Legend

Acquiring and forging this powerful amulet requires players to track all over Skyrim, delving into numerous Nordic ruins, to find all three of its fragments. The pieces can then be joined together in Reachwater Rock to create a singular amulet, giving players a 30 point boost to Health, Magicka, and Stamina.

Players will likely come across the first fragment of the Gauldur Amulet during the quest Under Saarthal, which can be started by joining the College of Winterhold. However, the quest can also be started by visiting any of the associated locations listed above, or by reading the book Lost Legends.

7 Ring Of The Hunt

Skyrim split image, Frostmoon Crag and the Ring of the Hunt

  • Location:
    Frostmoon Crag

  • Associated Quests:

This ring can simply be bought from Majni at Frostmoon Crag on Solstheim, but there’s a catch: the player can only access Majni’s shop if they are a werewolf. The rings he sells are only useful for werewolves, with this particular ring giving a 100% boost to Health regeneration, plus an extra 1% of maximum Health per second, while in Beast Form.

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There aren’t many jewelry pieces useful while in Beast Form, so this item is great for any werewolf to keep handy. For those building a playstyle around werewolf transformations, this will keep players alive longer.

6 Savos Aren’s Amulet

Skyrim split image, College of Winterhold and Savos Aren's amulet

  • Location:
    College of Winterhold

  • Associated Quests:

This amulet provides a fantastic boost of a whopping 50 points to Magicka, making it a powerful item for any mage. It can be a bit of a challenge to get, however, as it is a reward for completing one of the later quests in the College of Winterhold. But the 50 point bonus makes it worth it.

Players must first join the College by speaking to Faralda on the bridge in Winterhold. They will eventually start Containment by following the College’s quest line. To complete the quest, defeat the magic anomalies attacking the town.

5 Ring of the Erudite

Skyrim split image, Castle Volkihar and the Ring of the Erudite

  • Location:

  • Associated Quests:
    Rings of Blood Magic

This is one of two rings acquired by completing the associated side quest, which players can begin after completing The Bloodstone Chalice, accessed by siding with the Volkihar vampires in the Dawnguard quest line. Speak to Feran Sadri in Volkihar Keep, and hunt down the random leveled enemy to acquire it.

While wearing the ring, players will get an astounding 100 point boost to their Magicka pool while also regenerating Magicka faster. These bonuses apply even while in Vampire Lord form.

4 Ring Of The Beast

Skyrim split image, Ring of The Beast and a vampire lord using drain health

  • Location:

  • Associated Quests:
    Rings of Blood Magic

This ring can be acquired in the same quest as the Ring of the Erudite, but it will be held by a different enemy in a different location. Speak to Feran Sadri after completing The Bloodstone Chalice, and he will mark the location of the ring.

While worn, the Ring of The Beast (even while in Vampire Lord form) gives players a 100 bonus points to Health, and the Vampire Lord’s claw attacks do an additional 20 points of damage.

3 Nightweaver’s Band

Skyrim split image, Nightweaver's band and Anton Virane cooking

  • Location:
    Dark Brotherhood sanctuary

  • Associated Quests:
    Recipe for Disaster

This ring has a dual enchantment providing great utility for a nightblade or sneak-mage builds. It fortifies sneak and reduces the cost of Destruction spells by 10%. However, it can be easy for players to miss this ring. It can only be acquired as a reward for completing the optional objectives in the Dark Brotherhood quest Recipe for Disaster.

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If players want this ring, they must complete every optional objective in the associated quest, otherwise they’ll miss out. To get the bonus, hide the Gourmet’s body after killing him, then report back to Festus Krex. He’ll give the player the Nightweaver’s Band as a reward for completing the optional objective.

2 Amulet Of Bats & Amulet Of The Gargoyles

Skyrim split image, amulet of bats and the gargoyle, and vampire lord bats

  • Location:

  • Associated Quests:
    Amulets of Night Power

After joining the Volkihar vampires and completing The Bloodstone Chalice quest, players will have access to this side quest given once again by Feran Sadri. Players must complete two random dungeons and find the necklaces in the bosses or in the dungeons’ final chest.

While wearing the Amulet of Bats, players will be able to drain the Health of nearby enemieswhile using the Bats ability in Vampire Lord form. The Amulet of The Gargoyle, acquired from the same quest, Vampire allows Lords to summon two gargoyles instead of one.

1 Necromancer Amulet

Skyrim split image, Hjerim and the Necromancer Amulet

  • Location:

  • Associated Quests:
    Blood on the Ice

Players will come across this amulet while investigating the murders in Windhelm during Blood on the Ice. By finding out who the Butcher is, players will have access to its powerful enchantment: a 50-point Magicka boost and a 25% reduction in the cost of Conjuration spells. However, using this dark artifact comes at a cost: Health and Stamina regenerate 75% slower.

This penalty may be a dealbreaker for some, but for many Conjuration-focused builds, the sacrifice can be worth the boon. It’s up to players to decide whether to use this necklace.

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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