5 Reasons You Should Consider a Yoga Bachelorette Party

More and more brides-to-be are ditching the old-style all-night bachelorette parties that leave you with a hangover. The new trend focuses on unique and healthier experiences, like a Yoga Bachelorette Party, which leaves you refreshed, relaxes your mind, increases your body awareness, centers your attention, and sharpens your concentration. Many studies have shown, that Yoga can help you manage your stress, and what’s more important than that for your BIG special day?

“After the hundreds of bachelorette parties both myself and my instructors have led I can honestly say it is one of the most meaningful experiences of the trip! We hear that over and over again”, says Gillian Gossow, founder of Bad Girls Yoga, creator of their signature Namaste then Rosé class.

Gillian Gossow

Gillian Gossow, founder of Bad Girls Yoga

It is an experience where you can take a break from all the craziness of the weekend to be truly present with each other. It makes you take a moment to look around you and feel immense gratitude to be together celebrating with the people you love. What a gift!

So often experiences like a bachelorette party or wedding will fly by and before you know it’s over and you never took a moment to just appreciate the beauty of it. Throw in a playlist with all the bride’s favorites, some laughs, movement, and a Rosé toast at the end and you have a recipe for a fabulous experience!

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider a Yoga Bachelorette Party:

1. It’s All About Wellness For You & Your Bridesmaids

A Yoga party is not just about doing some stretching and moving your body. It’s actually a way to start off your day on a healthy note that will nourish your mind, body and soul. The rest of the weekend will most likely include plenty of indulgences, so starting off on the right foot is a way to find some balance between naughty and nice! Bad Girls Yoga is all about this balance. A little good with a little bad and you have a fabulous combination for a great weekend.

2. Yoga Helps You Connect

In a very similar way to dancing with friends, Yoga can do wonders in connecting you with your girlfriends. Taking a class with your best friends can bring you all together in a moment of deep gratitude for the present moment. We so often forget to look around us and think, wow, this is a pretty incredible experience.

Reasons You Should Consider a Yoga Bachelorette Party

It helps you connect. Photo courtesy of Gillian Gossow

3. It Will Make Everyone Laugh Out Loud

Imagine this: You and your besties standing in a tree post, falling all over each other, laughing at the wiggles and wobbles of a no-pressure class. Yoga can be an extremely silly and funny experience, especially if done with a group of your best friends.

4. It Will Make Everyone Relax

A good Yoga session can work wonders on your mind and soul. It can open up your spirit in a very special way. All of the travel and planning to get a group of people together in one place can be super stressful. This is a way for everyone to let their hair down and relax for an hour.

Yoga Bachelorette Party

It will help you all to relax. Photo courtesy of Gillian Gossow

5. There are So Many Yoga Practices

The beauty of Yoga is that there are so many different ways to practice. There are special Yoga exercises to strengthen specific parts of your body, Yoga for relaxation, Yoga for a good sweat, Yoga for flexibility, even prenatal Yoga, and many more…the list is almost endless. Everyone in your group of friends can choose what they want and the teacher will address their needs.

Remember, your bachelorette party shouldn’t be another aggravating event you need to organize and get stressed about. Alternatively, you can enjoy the powerful benefits of Yoga and a Party at the same time, and have a blast!

Yoga Party

Photo courtesy of Gillian Gossow

A few Insider Tips by Gillian Gossow, founder of Bad Girls Yoga:

  • Pack an outfit you will be comfortable in. Is the session outside in the heat? Bring sunglasses and sunscreen. Or do you need a sweatshirt and something to keep you warm?
  • Bring plenty of water.
  • Give some thought to the time you would like to book your session. Many times the group will want to have a slow morning and start later than they planned on initially.
  • Let your instructor know how you’re feeling before your session. If you had a late night you might opt ​​for a more chill and relaxing class than you originally anticipated.
  • Have fun! It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an advanced yogi. There is nothing less serious in the whole world than a yoga class. Be a kid, have fun, and let go of the stress.

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