Muscle Car Theft Ring Goes Postal

After robbing a postal worker at gunpoint, a major theft ring was exposed…

There’s no doubt that you’ve already heard about key cloning and how these thugs are stealing cars so easily, especially if you’ve spent anytime on this site. The fobs are being cloned to steal cars, more specifically, muscle cars like Dodge Challengers, Chargers, and RAM TRX trucks. Bonus points if it has a Hellcat engine in it, and no, dealerships are not immune. The crooks are keeping the cops busy, with news of busts coming in non-stop, and one recent one has a weird little twist to how they got caught.

An Ohio-based theft ring all came crashing down when a US poster worker was held up in January. The crime connected the authorities to several brazen car thefts in Detroit, of course. This led to the discovery of Dodge Chargers, Dodge Challengers, Durangos, and RAM trucks. Each of the vehicles were worth $50K to $100K each, and being sold for $3K to $15K on the streets.

“If a patrol car gets them, they are not stopping and they’re faster than patrol cars. They’re 150 mph all day,” Sgt. Jerry Hanna with the Macomb Auto Theft Squad said.

The cops weren’t looking for stolen cars when they stopped the suspect, Devin Rice in January of this year, but when they pulled him over after the gunpoint robbery, they found the keys in a search. His home was then searched, and the searches yielded stolen mail, bonus checks, a RAM truck, a Range Rover, and a Hellcat.

Rice and others (guess he rolled) were indicated in federal court, and trials are scheduled for next year.

Source: CBS News 3

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