14, Apr 2023
Zigleys Celebrates Locs, Twists and Braids with Luxurious 18-Karat Gold Hair Jewelry Collection Launch

Black-Owned Start-up, Zigleys, is on a mission to illuminate traditional black hair styles with the upcoming launch of their 18-karat-gold hair jewelry collection for locs, braids and twists.

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / April 10, 2023 / Twists, braids and locs and other Afrocentric hairstyles have long been spurned by society; but over the last couple of years they have been slowly accepted into corporate America.

Touted as “Jewelry for Your Crown, Fit for Royalty,” Zigleys is seen as a pioneer, redefining hair jewelry for locs, braids and twists with its opulent line of 18-karat Gold hair jewelry. Each piece in the collection is uniquely crafted from the finest gold, with select pieces embedded with diamonds. Prices range from $1000 – to over $5000. Zigley’s hair jewelry is designed as an heirloom and can be passed on through generations.

The Founder of Zigleys is a proud wearer of locs and is excited about bringing his product to the market. she said: “For so long, we have heard that these hairstyles are unprofessional and not compatible with luxury. We don’t need jewelry to tell us that’s not true. But our hair, our crowns, are very personal to us and have deep cultural significance. “So, why not adorn it?”

To herald the launch of the collection, Zigley’s hosted an exciting contest that required participants to share the brand’s social links. One winner was rewarded with an exquisite, diamond-embedded piece.

For further information and to join the exclusive mailing list, visit www.zigleys.com. Follow the brand on Instagram at @zigleys. co or Twitter at @zigleys.

About Zigleys

Zigleys is an upscale hair accessory line serving people with locs, braids, and twists. The brand offers a unique collection of hair jewelry crafted from 18-karat gold, with some pieces embedded with diamonds.

Contact media: Rivie CJ
E-mail: info@zigleys. com
Country, US, Manhattan
website: zigleys. com

SOURCE: Zigleys

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