2, Feb 2023
Trump to Attend Lynette ‘Diamond’ Hardaway’s Funeral in North Carolina Saturday

Former President Donald Trump will travel to Fayetteville, North Carolina Saturday to celebrate the life of Lynette Hardaway, better known as “Diamond” from the conservative commentator team Diamond and Silk.

As CBN News reported, Hardaway died on Jan. 8 at the age of 51. She along with her sister Herneitha Rochelle “Silk” Hardaway Richardson were ardent supporters of the former president.

In a 67-second video message shared on social media, Trump said Hardaway was “a true patriot and a friend.” In the video he speaks about his plan to honor Hardaway, calling her “an angel.”

“January 8, 2023, the world lost an angel and true friend, Lynette ‘Diamond’ Hardaway,” he said. “She was great. Diamond lived a life founded on her passion and love for all of humanity. The legacy she left behind will forever remain in our hearts. She was a really great person.”

Then Trump invited members of his audience to join him at Hardaway’s celebration of life.

“Please join us on Saturday, January 21 in Fayetteville, North Carolina – she loves that country and so do I – as we celebrate the life of Diamond. She lived it in an incredible way and we’re going to have a wonderful celebration and ceremonies,” he said.

“All of Diamond’s family and Silk, we love Silk. She loved her sister so much and they loved each other, and they really loved the world,” Trump continued. “They were with me from the beginning and they never wavered, so we’re going to celebrate. Silk will be there, but I’ll be there, and we’re going to celebrate the life of Diamond.”

Trump also shared a registration form for the event that will be held at 4:00 pm (Doors open at 3:00 pm) Saturday at the Crown Theater at Crown Complex 1960 Coliseum Drive in Fayetteville.

As CBN News reported, Hardaway and her sister were big supporters of Trump during his presidential campaign in 2016 and election campaign in 2020.

Upon learning of Hardaway’s passing, Trump called her “our Magnificent Diamond.”

The Diamond and Silk Facebook page posted an announcement of Hardaway’s passing but did not reveal a cause of death.

Hardaway and Richardson burst onto the scene in 2016 with their entertaining and very political points of view. They later became internet sensations. Their blunt tell-it-like-it-is approach won them a huge following.

“We’re not politically correct, we’re politically direct,” Diamond told CBN News during an interview in 2020. “You can say we’re two black chicks who are down with politics that love this country, love America.”

Their journey to supporting former President Trump and attaining fame was chronicled in their book which is a look at how two regular working-class people made it big in America. As two preacher’s kids, their gratitude starts at the top.

“We had no plans for any of this. None of it,” Diamond told CBN News at the time. “It just all snowballed into what you see today. God is the author of our lives.”

Silk chimed in with a life motto they live by.

“We often say that God would not have brought us to it if he wasn’t going to see us through it. That’s why we say it’s a divine order. We were created for such a time as this.”

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