There’s a Powerful Story Behind Kate Middleton’s Viral Gifted Earrings

the princess of wales visits maidenhead rugby club

Kate Middleton’s Earrings with Powerful BackstoryChris Jackson – Getty Images

  • Kate Middleton paid a visit to Maidenhead Rugby Club to promote the importance of early childhood education.

  • While there, coach Sarah Renton presented Kate with earrings made in tribute to her daughter, who was lost to suicide, and which was sold to raise money for charity.

  • The simple act of Kate being gifted the earrings has already increased demand online for the item.

With whatever qualms one might have with the Royal Family, and the heaps of wealth and attention placed upon them, it’s not all for naught. Included amidst what might be called royal duties is the idea of ​​going out and advocating for causes. That attention and prestige, as well as some political power, that comes with being a member of the Royal Family can help shine a light on serious issues and causes that affect common people.

And for those with whom the royals cross paths, it’s often their one chance to get a message, or a memory, across. Sure, sometimes the gift a person tries to hand a royal is a little more than a funny gag. But in the case of the earrings recently given to Kate Middleton, there’s a powerful story behind them.

US Woman and Home reports, the Princess of Wales paid a visit to Maidenhead Rugby Club, “as part of her campaign on the importance of Early Childhood Education and the community’s role in supporting young people.” Amongst the people she met was Sarah Renton, who coached the under-14s for the club. It was Renton who presented Kate with the earrings, and shared the emotional meaning behind them.

the princess of wales visits maidenhead rugby club

Catherine, Princess of Wales hugs Sarah Renton during her visit to Maidenhead Rugby Club on June 07, 2023Karwai Tang – Getty Images

“The mother-of-three explained to the princess that she had lost her daughter, Issy Phipps, to suicide just a few weeks ago. Issy, who was 17 years old, had been a talented athlete and popular student but had suffered from depression before her death.”

Renton presented Kate with earrings that Issy’s cousin has been making to pay tribute to Issy, and raise money for the Brave Mind charity, which seeks to “make a positive, lasting difference to the rugby community’s mental health and wellbeing.” Kate was touched by the gift, and promised to wear the earrings in the future.

Even just the act of Kate receiving the gift has already had an effect. Within days of the earrings being gifted, demand has apparently gone up for the accessory. On the website through which the earrings are sold,, a message now reads, “Due to the incredible volume and support worldwide orders, as of the 9th June 2023, there will be 2 weeks processing time on orders for the Issy Star earring only.” And considering £5 from every sale goes to charity, it’s fair to say the impact it has made.

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