23, Sep 2022
‘The Rings of Energy’ Episode 5: A Troublesome Selection, and Preparations for Struggle

Episode 5 of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Energy finds Elrond dealing with a tricky alternative, whereas Númenor readies itself to go to struggle. Oh, and Durin is an absolute legend. You will see why.

For those who want a refresher, we have already recapped episode 1, episode 2, episode 3, and episode 4. This is a recap of motion from the newest installment — be warned: spoilers forward.


An icy reunion

ON THE ROAD — This week we catch again up with the Harfoots. Nori and her household are majorly pulling up the rear. We even get a little map montage as they drag their carts throughout the growth of Center-earth. Nori and the Stranger have a dialog whose vibe someway straddles the road between Hooked on Phonics and a freshman philosophy concerning the nature of fine.

At one level, Nori’s household and the remainder of these jerk Harfoots who needed to depart them behind (one even has the audacity to recommend stealing their wheels and leaving them to die) get chased by wolves. The Stranger involves the rescue and kilos on the bottom along with his fist so laborious it creates a shockwave and scares off the wolves. Sadly, he injures his arm. However hey, these cranky, outdated, discriminatory Harfoots like him now.

From right here, we get one other glimpse of the Stranger‘s capability to control the weather. He soaks his arms in some water and begins turning it to ice, however he is so wrapped up in his incantation he does not discover that Nori touched his arm, and she or he’s beginning to freeze up like a wee Harfoot popsicle.


Sorry. Anyway, she’s OK in the long run, but it surely freaks her out. Nori is that one who posts on Fb about having rescued a misplaced canine, however the hooked up picture is a rabid coyote. Oops.

Elsewhere, a trio of creepy folks all in white (together with the individual with the bleached brows from the trailer everybody thought was undoubtedly Sauron) investigates the crater the place the Stranger landed. Rattling vacationers.

Desk stakes

LINDON — It is household supper time. Durin, Elrond, the Excessive King Gil-galad and presumably different folks I wasn’t taking note of share a meal and a toast to the union (TO THE REVOLUTION! Any Hamilton followers on the market? Heh? Heh?) of their folks. However like many household dinners, it is a bit tense. Gil-galad is asking probing questions concerning the heck the dwarves are working so laborious on in Khazad-Dûm, and Durin informs him that the stone desk they’re consuming on is a uncommon stone that the Dwarves use solely in monuments and tombs. Think about serving somebody a charcuterie board on their grandfather’s gravestone. It is a assertion piece.

This is the deal. Gil-galad principally is aware of the dwarves discovered mithril, and he is bullying Elrond into confirming it. Elrond is like look, I pinky promised my BFF. Gil-galad makes Elrond recount the creation story of mithril involving an elven warrior and a Balrog (a fireplace demon) battling over a tree that supposedly contained one of many misplaced Silmarils. The rationale any of this issues is as a result of Lindon is beginning to decay, and the sunshine of the elves is fading. But when the elves might get their fingers on loads of that candy, candy mithril, which comprises the sunshine of the Silmaril, they might saturate all of the elves in that mild.

Permit me to supply this commentary: Wut?

In any other case, the elves should go away Center-earth, and Sauron shall be dancing round in his shirt and socks like Tom Cruise in Dangerous Enterprise. And when you’re questioning, no, none of that is from Tolkien.


Elrond’s hair, trying lustrous.

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The following day as Durin is leaving Lindon with the stone desk (and the revelation that he really simply conned Gil-galad out of his furnishings), Elrond explains to Durin the issue. And you already know what? For all that elven drama that night time earlier than, Durin tells Elrond to, “fetch your feathery shirts and let’s begin strolling” to allow them to go discuss to Durin’s dad.

Communications, children. That is the magic.

Orcs simply wanna have solar

SOUTHLANDS — For those who thought Adar was bizarre final week, he is even weirder on this episode. An orc comes as much as him whereas he is soaking in some solar, and Adar goes on slightly riff about how quickly, he will not be capable to benefit from the solar like he at the moment does. (Me, after a dermatologist appointment.) Looks as if he’ll bear some kind of transformation? He’s the man on the get together you are making an attempt to not discuss to.

Anyway, SUMMON THE LEGIONS and whatnot.

Again at Ostirith, Bronwyn addresses the gang and provides a stirring speech about how they need to stand and combat in opposition to Adar, as a substitute of swearing fealty. The gang appears comparatively satisfied till Waldreg turns as much as stir opposition. I swear, I had no thought his dude was going to be a lot bother. He convinces half the gang to depart Ostirith. By that night, Waldreg and his merry band of misfits meet up with Adar and the orcs, and as we are saying within the South, he runs his mouth, pledging his loyalty to Sauron. As a result of emo elf dude is Sauron, proper? Embarrassing. The final we see, Adar goes to make him kill a youth to show his loyalty. And possibly his butchering abilities?

At Ostirith, Theo has lastly developed a shred of sense and exhibits Arondir the sword hilt. Arondir has seen one thing like this earlier than, and in a really Legends of the Hidden Temple transfer, sweeps again some vines and BOOM there is a skull-looking factor carved right into a rock, together with a stone model of the sword. Wonderful how that was simply there the entire time. Arondir tells Bronwyn the hilt is a few sort of a key and that Adar is aware of Theo has it. The fires from the encroaching orcs coming towards the tower are stress-inducing.

Isildur talks to his dad, Elendil.

“Can I’ve $20 to go to the mall?” — Isildur, most likely

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Ships ahoy

NÚMENOR — The ships are about to sail for Center-earth. They’re loaded with horses, provides and drama.

Isildur desires to go however his dad will not let him as a result of he received kicked out of the Sea Guard. Eärien and her paramour, Kevin, (I do know his identify is definitely Kemen, please do not e mail me) don’t desire Númenor to become involved. Pharazôn helps the struggle, however solely as a result of it’s going to give Númenor dominance over the people of Center-earth. And Halbrand simply desires to be friggin left alone. Everybody is consistently bristling and speaking via their tooth.

There is a scene the place Galadriel exhibits some recruits how one can combat and shames all of them together with her elf strikes. In order that’s enjoyable.

Later, Galadriel and Halbrand lastly have a kind of air-clearing blowouts the place he tells her he is executed some actually dangerous stuff, and she or he talks about how her brother died and and her greatest good friend betrayed her *cough Elrond* and the way she has no relaxation. However hey, possibly they’ll have one thing approximating peace in the event that they go and combat. As a result of that is how that works.

The large hub-bub comes the night time earlier than they’re about to set sail. Whereas everybody’s partying it up, Kevin sneaks onto a ship with arson in his coronary heart. He runs into Isildur, although, who’s making an attempt to stow away. After a short tussle, the Kevin’s lantern breaks and the following explosion destroys not solely that ship, however one other. In some way they each get away in time.

It is chaos. Pharazôn desires to delay the mission. Míriel declares they’ll determine within the morning, however actually it is all going to return down as to whether Halbrand is dedicated to the entire king factor. Thankfully, he decides he’ll, and so they all sail off, together with Isildur who’s gotten a put up lastly — sweeping up after the horses on the ship.

What waits for them within the Southlands? Emo elf Adar and no matter Waldreg is as much as lately. What a welcome wagon.

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