23, Mar 2023
The Fall 2023 Jewelry Trend Report

If you’ve seen our other trend reports this season you’ll know that the viral moment is out and the wardrobe reset is in. There was a pared-back sophistication to the season’s ready-to-wear, coupled with a renewed interest in elegance. But what about jewelry? What happens to the extras when the overall goal is to tone things down?

Less is more is one answer, but while little gold accents in blink-and-you’ll-miss-it bracelets, rings, and earrings were an important story, the minimalist jewelry trend starts and ends there. Instead, designers took a contrarian approach, creating big jewels to adorn their generally more restrained clothes: Clusters of pearls, crystals, and beads made for bold earrings and cuffs, while statement necklaces debunked the much-discussed necklace-gate of TikTok (as did the Oscars red carpet). A sense of opulence migrated onto the body, too, with chains and discs fashioned as hand jewelry, bralettes, and even headpieces (just in time for King Charles III’s coronation this May). Also harkening back to another time: quirky brooches.

That sense of nostalgic eccentricity is also present in everyday objects that were reimagined as playfully sentimental ornaments, with everything from whistles and safety pins to french horns and cigarettes turned into pendants and trinkets. Read on for all of the season’s jewelry trends.

Barely-there bracelets, tiny earrings, and simple necklaces to go with fall’s Tár-esque tailoring.

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