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Hanhart 417 ES Hands-On Watch Review

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Hanhart 417 ES

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Hanhart Watches and this Hanhart 417 ES is no different. Taking inspiration from the past, Hanhart has recreated the 417 ES, but this one is

Ball Engineer Grasp II Diver Chronometer Fingers-On Assessment

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Ball Engineer Grasp II Diver Chronometer

Ball’s first iteration of this dive watch dates all the best way again to 2006, so 16 years in the past, and now their newest model, the Ball Engineer Grasp II

Peren Nera Rogue Arms-On Overview

Peren Nera Rogue

Peren Nera Rogue

The Peren Nera Rogue is kind of a sexy watch with a novel dial colour, and 200 meters of water resistance and is obtainable in two distinct variations. The model I’ve right here is the diver, however
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