Mountain lion pack caught on Ring video in Colorado neighborhood at night

Mountain lions are a natural part of the ecology in Colorado, so they get closer to people that you might expect on occasion, CBS Colorado’s Jack Lowenstein oberves.

Carolyn Andrews shared Ring doorbell video with CBS Colorado of one incident such from April 1, when a group of mountain lions was seen walking through her neighborhood at night. She lives in Silverthorne, some 67 miles west of Denver.

Mountain lions in Silverthorne / Credit: CAROLYN ANDREWS

Mountain lions in Silverthorne / Credit: CAROLYN ANDREWS

In the video, five of the big cats are seen prowling their neighborhood close to 11 o’clock during what seemed to be a calm, cool end of the day.

But these videos are also a reminder about the importance of pet owners being vigilantes in mountain towns. Colorado Parks & Wildlife urges community members to avoid leaving their pets outdoors overnight.

The neighborhood mountain lions are also a good reminder for parents to take care of small children at night when encounters like that might also be possible.

This happened to be an encounter from afar that could be enjoyed as a sight to see when nature comes close to home, but not too close.

You can learn more about mountain lions in the state by visiting Colorado Parks & Wildlife’s website.

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