LOOK: Chiefs unveil stunning Super Bowl rings to celebrate second NFL title in four years

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Photo courtesy Kansas City Chiefs

If there’s a diamond shortage around the world in the next few days, you can probably go ahead and blame the Kansas City Chiefs.

After four months of waiting, the Chiefs finally got their Super Bowl rings on Thursday night and when you look at the new ring, the first thing you’ll notice is that it has a lot of diamonds. The exact number is 629: There are 609 round diamonds, 16 baguette diamonds and four marquise diamonds.

If you’re now wondering how Jostens was able to squeeze 629 diamonds into each ring, let’s go ahead and find out by taking a look at Kansas City’s impressive bling.

The video above gives you a rundown of every feature that was included in each ring. It’s kind of mind-blowing just how much the Chiefs were able to squeeze into one ring.

Here are a few wild facts about Kansas City’s Super Bowl rings (via the team’s website):

  • There are three Lombardi Trophies in each ring, representing the three Super Bowls that the Chiefs have won in franchise history. The football at the top of each Lombardi Trophy is a marquise-cut diamond.
  • There are 38 diamonds along the top rim of each ring, which represents how many points the Chiefs scored in their 38-35 win over the Eagles.
  • The team added the 16 baguette diamonds to represent the 16 players who scored at least one touchdown during the regular season.
  • There were 50 diamonds in the Chiefs’ arrowhead logo on the top of the ring to commemorate the fact that the Chiefs played at Arrowhead Stadium (now GEHA Field) for 50 years.
  • The ring also includes 16 custom-cut rubies, which represent the number of division titles that the Chiefs have won in franchise history.
  • The ring also features multiple inscriptions. Not only is the inside of the ring inscribed with the final score of each playoff game, but each individual ring also contains an inscription of the signature of the player that the ring belongs to.
  • Also, the top of the ring COMES OFF and converts into a pendant. If you take the top off, the interior of the ring features an aerial shot of GEHA Field.

That last thing might be kind of tough to picture in your head, so let’s take a look at it.

Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes and tight end Travis Kelce both seemed definitely impressed with their rings. The two teammates opened them together at the ceremony.

After Mahomes opened his box, he modeled his new ring with his other Super Bowl ring, which the Chiefs won in 2019.

Mahomes and the Chiefs have now won two Super Bowls in the past four seasons, which gives Kansas City a total of three Super Bowl wins in franchise history.

If you want an idea of ​​just how big the rings are, you can see below what they look like while being worn.

Not only was the Chiefs’ entire team in attendance to get their ring on Thursday night, but several other former members of the organization also made their way to the ceremony, including Eric Bieniemy. Although the former Chiefs offensive coordinator is on the Commanders coaching staff, he still found time to attend the ring ceremony.

The Chiefs will now have a month to show off their new rings around town. The team wrapped up mandatory minicamp on Thursday and won’t be back on the field again until training camp begins in late July.

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