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Artists create jewellery for adornment, ceremonies, and trade. Another ancient American civilization with expertise in jewellery making were the Maya. At the peak of their civilization, the Maya were making jewellery from jade, gold, silver, bronze, and copper. Maya designs were similar to those of the Aztecs, with lavish headdresses and jewellery. The Maya also traded in precious gems.

  • Silver and gold, for example, are frequently used to make earrings because of their luster and shine.
  • Handmade from cotton, with tasseled drawstrings, mini pompom trim and inner slip pockets for rings, studs and other small treasures.
  • Many traditional artisans employ the handcrafted techniques of their ancestors, which favored a slow, methodical approach in a small workshop, as opposed to mass production.
  • Victorious military heroes have been honoured by rewards of diamonds and also have been used as ransom payment for release from imprisonment or abduction.

At the same time, flowers were used to express love and friendship. The colours in nature were matched by coloured gemstones, and a ‘language of flowers’ spelt out special messages. In contrast with earlier periods, the more elaborate jewellery was worn almost exclusively by women.

Find our best-seller engagement ring at various prices, models and styles. The Egyptians used symbols to show territorial pride, the vulture represented Nekhbet, patron of the Upper Egypt and the cobra stood for Lower Egypt. The royal jewelers used gold, silver, turquoise, chalcedony, amethyst, and lapis lazuli. Lapis Lazuli was traded with miners from Afghanistan. The Egyptians were also famous for faience, a glass like glaze on clay and glass inlays. R. Ashbee, was a man of immense talents and energy and a defining figure in the Arts and Crafts Movement.


Favoured shapes included leaves, spirals, cones, and bunches of grapes. Jewellers created works both for human use and for adorning statues and idols. They employed a wide variety of sophisticated metalworking techniques, such as cloisonné, engraving, fine granulation, and filigree. Some jewellery is plated to give it a shiny, reflective look or to achieve a desired colour. Sterling silver jewellery may be plated with a thin layer of 0.999 fine silver or may be plated with rhodium or gold.

Best Sellers Don’t miss out on these best-selling, everyday wear jewellery. Besides exploring the rare plants, art and water features at the gardens, guests can shop from vendors selling plants, jewelry and crafts. In the early eras of Western art, artists would portray people at their finest, decked in their best clothes and jewelry. Piaget let loose a little for its latest collection of watches and jewelry, inspired by cocktails. Marsuko Jewelry is an eclectic jewelry line created by owner Angela Santiago featuring earrings made from polymer clay. Ring was thought to bring its owner lands and titles, to bestow virtue, to protect against seduction, and to prevent effervescence in water—but only if worn on the left hand.

In Bali, the Om symbol is prevalent, as well as the mythological panther-like Barong image, which is seen as a protector spirit. From dainty chains to multi layers, these pieces will have you neck and neck with sartorial icons. Choose necklaces in everyday styles with sleek details and subtle charms.

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Over time, diamonds develop a fine film, which is a combination of natural skin oils, lotions, soap, and dust. This film reduces the brilliance of the diamonds, as it prevents light from passing through the stones. To restore the jewelry to its original sheen, clean it regularly with a good quality commercial cleaner or a mild detergent.

Numerous cultures store wedding dowries in the form of jewellery or make jewellery as a means to store or display coins. Alternatively, jewellery has been used as a currency or trade good. An example being the use of slave beads. Armlets have been around for thousands of years, and they’re having a modern moment in a variety of materials and styles.

When Rome fell, darkness fell over the lands that they ruled. Life was hard and luxuries like jewelry all but disappeared from European life. At this time, most of the wealth laid in the hands of the church.