25, Apr 2023
Elden Ring Player Spends Over 8 Hours Beating Morgott in the Most Ridiculous Way Possible

An Elden Rings player finally defeated Morgott in eight and a half hours, using one of the most ridiculous methods imaginable. Elden Rings features many difficult bosses for gamers to challenge, but users have developed some clever and unique strategies for beating the toughest enemies in the game.

Some players also put a restriction upon themselves to make the fight even more challenging, such as not using the spirit of ashes or fighting a particular boss at level 1. Some gamers even try to beat bosses without using the dodge roll button, as one Elden Rings players managed to beat Malenia without ever rolling. While not using the dodge roll mechanic makes the fight much more challenging, one gamer now defeats a major boss using only this move.


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A Reddit user named Unfair-Background-15 has shared a video of their fight against Morgott in Elden Rings that lasted for eight and a half hours. As seen in the clip, the player is only using the dodge roll mechanic to remove Morgott’s health, doing just 1 damage on each roll. Unfair-Background-15 has detailed the strategy in one of the comments, stating that they are using 1 piece of the Briar Armor Set in Elden Ringswhich deals a set amount of damage upon rolling before any negations are calculated.

As Morgott has around 10,000 health points, this fight taking over eight hours is probably not that surprising. One gamer in the comment section wants Unfair-Background-15 to use this tactic on Malenia, but the player states that they first have to go through the Fire Giant in Elden Rings, which has a much larger health pool when compared to Morgott. Unfair-Background-15 claims to have died to the Fire Giant nine hours into the fight, before stating that it will take them around 16 hours to beat this boss by doing just 1 damage.

While many users appear impressed by the video, some question the player’s reasons for fighting with these restrictions in place. Several fans state that this is a waste of time, while many others show their respect for the player’s efforts. Some gamers also suggest adding further restrictions, such as completing the entirety of Elden Rings by doing just 1 damage, without ever getting hit. It’ll be interesting to see if Unfair-Background-15 ever manages to beat the Fire Giant with this tactic, and if they decide to challenge Malenia, arguably the hardest boss in Elden Rings.

Elden Rings is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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