Elden Ring Player Makes Discovery About Walking Mausoleums After 1,000 Hours of Playing

An Elden Rings player discovered an unusual detail about the skull that acts as the weak spot of the Walking Mausoleums after playing the game for 1,000 hours. Elden Rings has a massive open world, and most players miss out on pretty important details on their first run, but this player really took a long time to see this one.

With a sprawling open world and a huge cast of enemies, Elden Rings is, by far, the longest FromSoftware game ever released. Luckily, it’s never a dull experience, as it contains some of the best enemies and bosses found in games, all of which behave in unique ways. Getting really efficient in Elden Rings‘s combat not only requires good skill and a lot of practice but also knowing the moves of these enemies. As the title can easily take over 100 hours to beat, though, some gamers may take a long time before understanding all the details about these foes.


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Recently, the veteran Elden Rings Existing-Ad4603 player shared their latest discovery via social media, stating that it took 1,000 hours for them to actually notice it. According to the gamer, the small skulls that act as the weak spots of the Walking Mausoleums are actually the heads of the headless Mausoleum Knights that guard them. This, the player believes, is further confirmed by the fact that these protective knights also died when the mausoleum fell down.

Existing-Ad4603 was surprised to find out that other players didn’t know this, either. TRex_Eggs, for example, affirmed in the comments of the post that they originally thought the heads were barnacles that were just there bothering the mausoleum. This seems to be quite a prevalent opinion in the community. Elden Rings has skulls essentially everywhere, one Reddit user affirmed, so it’s quite natural that most people simply didn’t pay any attention to them or made the connection between these weak spots and the headless guards.

Discovering these curious details after countless hours is not as uncommon as it sounds, though. A few days ago, an Elden Rings player discovered an enemy interaction after playing for over 800 hours. In this case, a player was fighting a Great Wyrm Theodorix and a Giant Land Octopus at the same time. After a while, these two enemies started to fight each other, something that they claim to have never seen happened before. Elden Rings may be over a year old at this point, but it’s still likely that gamers will find more of these odd interactions in the future.

Elden Rings is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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