23, Feb 2024
Elden Ring Datamine Suggests Malenia Used to Be an Even More durable Boss

A Youtuber showcases how Elden Ring’s most tough boss struggle, Malenia, Blade of Miquella, was even more durable in an earlier model of the sport.

Elden Ring is an open-world RPG with an unlimited variety of weapons and play kinds accessible. Because of this every Elden Ring participant’s expertise with the sport is prone to be distinctive to them. Gamers can have differing opinions on separate areas of the sport’s map, which bosses needs to be executed wherein order, and even which ending is the most effective. However surprisingly, most Elden Ring gamers can agree on which of the sport’s bosses is probably the most tough, specifically, Malenia, Blade of Miquella.


Malenia is among the Elden Ring‘s many non-obligatory world bosses, and she or he reaches the highest spot on most boss problem lists as a result of being a lethal mixture of quick, punishing, and intensely onerous hitting. Malenia additionally has a singular life-stealing impact which causes her well being bar to regenerate with each hit she lands on the participant, and this coupled together with her numerous combos implies that all of a participant’s progress through the boss struggle can rapidly be undone in a matter of seconds.

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It might be onerous to imagine, then, however this boss struggle was as soon as even more durable within the 1.0 model of Elden Ring, which is the model of the sport that may be discovered on recreation discs earlier than any patches or updates. A FromSoftware-focused Youtuber named Kotn3l has made a video showcasing all of the variations between the 1.0 model of Malenia and the model that was seen in Elden Ring upon the sport’s launch.

The video reveals many delicate modifications that have been made to Malenia’s boss struggle, similar to timings for assault animations and an elevated propensity for blocking the participant’s assaults. This 1.0 model of Malenia appears to have elevated aggression in direction of the participant as nicely. Kotn3l’s video additionally reveals that an assault just like Malenia’s infamous Waterfowl Dance assault was reduce from Elden Ring.

The Waterfowl Dance is Malenia’s most brutal assault and incorporates a flurry of blades swiping across the quickly shifting boss. This combo secretly acts as an AOE assault, which is why it has caught so many Elden Ring gamers off guard after they attempt to dodge by means of it. What Kotn3l’s video reveals, nonetheless, is that this infamous assault might not be the unique Waterfowl Dance. Within the 1.0 construct of elden rings, this assault is named Malenia’s Blade. The Boss’ second AOE flurry assault can also be much more suited to the title Waterfowl Dance.

As identified by a commenter below Kotn3l’s video, this eliminated second assault has Malenia carry out the same AOE flurry of blade swipes, however this time whereas hopping on one foot. That is visually just like how cranes are sometimes depicted standing on one foot and may very well be the place the assault initially acquired the title Waterfowl Dance.

Elden Ring is out there for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Sequence X/S.

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