12, Jun 2023
Doc Martens Sandals: The Best Styles for Summer • Magali Vaz

Finding the perfect pair of sandals is essential to complete your summer look, and Doc Martens are in style!

Whenever summertime rolls around, it’s time to switch out those winter boots, or even closed-toe shoes for a comfortable pair of sandals. There are many different types of sandals out there that can appeal to your style such as strappy sandals, heel sandals with a thong strap, stacked platform sandals, or even knee-high lace-up sandals.

With plenty of options to choose from when it comes to deciding on the perfect pair of sandals, it comes down to the brand that you wish to wear that will bring your look together. Doc Martens is a popular boot brand that also makes its own platform sandals that can bring together any edgy summertime look, or a simple fashion statement.

Getting a pair of Doc Marten sandals is essential on your list of summertime looks, but here are the best pairs you need to get!

How to Style Doc Martens

Knowing how to style this new sandal is important to make sure you’ll look your best this summer!

A pair of Doc Marten sandals, no matter the style, can complete any summer look that you’re trying to achieve. Image courtesy of The Mad Moment.

If you’re interested in getting a pair of Doc Marten sandals, it’s crucial to know how to style them in the best way that you can. Looking your best this summer can help boost your confidence and make you feel better than ever.

How to Approach Styling Doc Marten Sandals

It’s important to know that before styling Doc Marten sandals, most of them are platform sandals, meaning that they add an extra inch to the bottom of your foot to not only make you look taller but feel more powerful as well.

One of the reasons why Doc Martens are so popular is because of their bold and rebellious look that you can combine with any outfit for a little more edge. You can feel bold and empowered by just wearing a pair of Doc Marten sandals with any outfit, whether it’s a pair of ripped-up jean shorts, jeans, tank tops, crop tops, or even to complete any bikini or one-piece swimsuit look .

Different Kinds of Styles for Doc Marten Sandals

Doc Martens features a ton of different styles of sandals, such as slide-on sandals, a sandal with a back strap, platform sandals, gladiator sandals, and even mules sandals too. Each one can be styled in a multitude of ways to create one of the best summer looks ever.

Not only can Doc Martens come in a bunch of different styles to best suit your taste, but they can also come in a plethora of colors too. From neutral hues to bright, bold colors, whatever color speaks to you, you can wear it with multiple other colors, or get the pop of color you need in any outfit.

Getting a pair of Doc Martens for a great price is a challenging, yet satisfying purchase!

Doc Marten sandals are some of the most popular ones to buy because of the many styles they have, and their platform look. Image courtesy of Free People.

There is nothing more challenging than learning how to shop for high-end fashion brands while they’re on sale. Whether it’s sorting through the sale section on their website, shopping through another online retailer, or purchasing them used, make sure to find the best Doc Marten sandals with these tips!

Doc Martens Website

One of the best places where you can go and check out some of the best Doc Martens to get on sale is right on their very own website. Shopping directly from Doc Martens can allow you to get up to 40% off all of their sandals, boots, oxford shoes, and other popular styles that they feature.


Sometimes an online retailer that features all of the best high-end clothing, shoes, accessories, and even handbags is just what you need. If you’re looking for the best place to go to find all of the high-end fashion brands, then Shopbop is the perfect spot where you can find older collections of almost anything no matter the brand, so check out the Doc Martens section.


If you are perfectly okay with wearing used and slightly worn clothing, then Poshmark is one of the best options that you can check out. Poshmark allows you to purchase any type of clothing item or fashion accessory that you can find, and you can sell your own too. There are many sellers on there selling Doc Marten shoes, so check out their sandal selection on their website.


Another incredible place where you can buy anything and everything from it is eBay. From electronics, antiques, or even high-end fashion clothes, shoes, accessories, or handbags, there are tons of options to take advantage of whenever you shop from eBay. You can also look at their selection of Doc Marten sandals for a discounted price.

The Best Doc Marten Sandals to Wear This Summer

Trying to find one of the best pairs of Doc Martens that fit your style in the summer is essential!

Doc Marten sandals can bring any summertime look together and make you look and feel bold and powerful. Image courtesy of Who What Wear.

One of the best parts about high fashion is learning more about different brands, seeing what styles fit you best, and then purchasing them and wearing them. Doc Martens have become increasingly popular over the years, and their sandals are in this summer to fit any look you’re trying to achieve.

Consider some of the following best Doc Marten sandal styles for the summer of 2023!

Doc Marten Platform Sandals

If you need a little extra height for your short stature while also looking fashionable, Doc Marten platform sandals are perfect for you. Image courtesy of Doc Martens.

Getting a pair of the iconic Doc Marten sandals is essential for any summertime look and with a pair of platform sandals, you’ll feel on top of the world. Doc Martens’ platform sandals come in various different platform sizes and in many different colors too. The platform sandals are a staple of Doc Marten no matter if it’s a sandal, boot, or mule, and these have an iconic look you can’t miss.

Black Doc Marten Sandals

Doc Martens are known for their iconic and sleek black style no matter if it’s in boots, sandals, mules, or any other type of shoe they offer. Image courtesy of Doc Martens.

There is nothing better to get when it comes to a pair of Doc Marten sandals than a black colored pair. Almost all of Doc Martens boots, sandals, mules, oxford shoes, and other popular looks come in a black pair, due to it being their staple color. A pair of black Doc Marten sandals is a great choice because they can allow you to style and customize your look with a signature black sandal no matter what other colors you add.

Pink Doc Marten Sandals

Pink Doc Marten sandals are a great look for any summertime outfit where the fun pop of color can bring it all together. Image courtesy of Doc Martens.

While the black Doc Martens are a staple of the brand, they also offer a ton of other colored sandals as well. Pink Doc Martens are underrated, but they are beautiful due to the shades of pink they come in. Pink Doc Marten sandals can come in plenty of different styles, and they also come in the iconic platform ones too.

White Doc Martens

Finding the perfect pair of white Doc Marten sandals can be what you need to bring together any summertime outfit. Image courtesy of Doc Martens.

Maybe you want a simple pair of white Doc Martens instead to match with any and every summertime outfit you have. White Doc-Martens are great to get because you can wear them with shorts, jeans, summer dresses, and even any bikini and cover-up combination. These light-colored sandals look great and go along with any summertime beach tan. They come in numerous styles with an all-white look, or a black platform heel look.

Trying to find the perfect summertime look is crucial and there are many ways to pull any outfit off with a pair of Doc Marten sandals. These sandals have spiked in popularity in recent years because of their edgy, yet fashionable look that can fit any girly girl outfit or emo look.

Consider purchasing a pair of Doc Martens sandals as your next big purchase that makes the perfect summertime look at a great price!

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