Disa Is About to Take a Dark Turn

The Lord of the Rings had some pretty serious subject matter. The fate of the world was left up to a few individuals who were ready to sacrifice everything for the greater good. Thanks to their efforts, Sauron was defeated, and virtue prevailed. As serious as that was, there was plenty of comic relief in Tolkien’s work. Merry and Pippin were trouble-makers, but they were never afraid of a good time and a joke at someone else’s expense. Likewise, Gandalf had a sense of quiet, ironic humor that occasionally showed through.


The Rings of Power had a similar approach. Galadriel and many others were overly (and awkwardly) serious. Yet, the relationship between Elrond and Durin was light-hearted and offered comedic balance. Durin’s wife, Disa, was also a lot of fun. She was downright jolly when Elrond came for a visit, and Durin would have stayed mad at Elrond had it not been for Disa’s meddling. Unfortunately, it looks like Disa won’t be so lighthearted in Season 2.

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Disa Was a Commanding Presence on The Rings of Power

When she was first introduced, Disa was the source of consternation. Some fans didn’t like how Disa lacked a noticeable beard, but that complaint was quickly ironed out as the series began. Whenever she appeared on the screen, she had a commanding presence, and fans loved the dynamic between her and Durin. It was also worth noting that Disa was the first person to detect mithril in The Rings of Power.

Disa’s most memorable scene came in Episode 4, when the Dwarvish princess sang a song to the rocks, pleading with them to release some trapped miners. But the scene that will define Disa’s future was in Episode 7. Durin had just had a heated argument with his father (who was also named Durin), where the king had forbidden digging for mithril. Moreover, the king had for bad assisting the Elves, and he had all but disowned Durin. Afterward, Disa was there, and she was ready to console her husband. However, Disa wasn’t much of a comforter.

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Why Disa Is About to Take a Dark Turn

Princess Disa in Rings of Power

When Disa talked to Durin about his father’s decision, she made some interesting points. Resembling the conniving schemes of Lady MacBeth, Disa wasn’t worried about the king. All light-heartedness had left her when she said that the king would only be around for so much longer. He was old, stubborn and useless. She wasn’t trying to get Durin to kill his father, but she was adamant that the king would soon be dead enough. Thus, Durin should be preparing himself to be king.

Disa’s statements highlighted the trademark Dwarvish greed. At that point, she was greedy for power, but there’s more coming. Disa was the one that discovered mithril in the first place. So, she really wanted to continue mining, and when there’s no one to stop her, she’s going to be obsessed with the Silver Steel — probably in an unhealthy way. It’s probable that Disa’s greed will be the reason that the Balrog invades Moria and possibly kills her husband.

The Rings of Power Season 2 does not have a release date. Season 1 is streaming now on Prime Video.

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