30, Mar 2023
Charlotte Casiraghi divides fans with Chanel dress and earrings

Charlotte Casiraghi, 36, is the granddaughter of the late Princess Grace of Monaco and the only daughter of Princess Caroline of Hanover, Grace’s daughter. She is 11th in line to the throne of Monaco.

Last night, Charlotte donned a glamorous, sparkling dress by French fashion house Chanel.

A gown from Chanel’s Spring/Summer 2023 Ready-to-Wear collection, the garment featured a pattern that looked almost like a leopard print, and was covered in diamonds.

The dress had a square neckline and two thin straps. It was also floor-length and its hemline was adorned with pink feathers.

Charlotte wore long, pink silk gloves to match. The dress itself also shimmered with a subtle pink.

The royal carried a Chanel bag too – it was the Wallet On Chain bag made of lambskin, resin, and gold-tone metal.

The bag itself was white, while its chain strap was gold. It also had a clasp, featuring the Chanel logo.

Costing a huge £3,340, the bag is still available to buy on Chanel’s website.

Charlotte completed her look with a unique pair of earrings, which were also by Chanel.

Called the Comete Earrings, in 18k white gold and diamonds, the jewels cost a huge $51,200 on Chanel’s American website. This is currently equivalent to around £41,874.

The silver earrings feature two star-shaped studs with arrow-like pendants, adorned with diamonds.

Charlotte’s hair was tied back in a loose bun and she wore glamorous make-up to complement the rest of her glamorous look.

She sported lashings of black mascara, black eyeliner, and a soft red lipstick.

Royal fans were quick to comment on Charlotte’s outfit, and there was a mixture of opinions. Many were unimpressed with the look.

Instagram user @mydocuments said: “I could not possibly hate this more.” User @somethingwicked_this_way_comes wrote: “The earrings are beautiful, the dress could use some shape.”

User @felixsdottir commented: “Her worst look ever. It hasn’t been good for the past ten years, but this is getting out of hand. When Charlotte was in her early 20s (and I was a child) she used to be the best-dressed woman on earth.”

User @royalspectator said: “Awful. The dress looks shapeless and ill-fitting, no gloves and shoes too. Bag – not really for evening. Best example of why Chanel isn’t anything to write home about.”

User @victoria_brazell_designs simply wrote: “Nope.” User @susana_rib42 added: “Why do these people always dress so bad? They look like puppets.”

User @lueskye said: “And this should be for a charity event. Once again, Charlotte looks like a Chanel testimonial (and not acing it as the outfit isn’t really doing anything for her) but appears to be so tone-deaf about the causes they supposedly should be helping with this event.

“I get the feeling that the whole Monegasque family lives in a bubble of its own.”

Debra Marshall, however, wrote: “Beautiful but that amount of money is mind-blowing.”

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