Can You Spot the Missing Jewelry in This Hidden Image Puzzle?

Summer is prime moving season. According to MovingLabor, roughly 80 percent of all moves in the US take place between April and September as the weather warms up and the school year ends. If you’re one of many Americans currently going through this transition, you’re familiar with the stress of packing and unpacking. This hidden image puzzle from Hammonds Fitted Furniture turns the annoying chore into a challenging game.

Hidden image puzzle containing household items.

Hammonds Fitted Furniture

The UK-based property and interior experts recently published this brainteaser inspired by a hectic scene on a moving day. Hidden among the tapes, boxes and household items are four pieces of jewelry. According to Hammonds Fitted Furniture, it takes the average person 25 seconds to spot them all. Take a careful look at the illustration and see how long it takes you to find the golden bracelet, earring, necklace and ring. Your eagle eye may come in handy if you’re planning a move in the near furniture—or if you’re still shifting through boxes from the last one.

Still feeling stuck after a minute of searching? You can give your brain a break by checking the solution to the puzzle in the image on the next page of this article. If this exercise makes you feel less confident about your real-life packing abilities, there are plenty of hacks that can help you in that area. From packing a moving day kit to keeping an eye on smaller valuables, here are some tips to help your next move go smoothly.