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Artist creates chandelier earrings that light up


Diana often dressed vintage-style when going to see old movies.

NEW YORK (Web Desk) – Diana Caldarescu is a talented technical designer and fashion illustrator who specializes in chandelier-shaped earrings that actually light up.

Having miniature chandeliers hanging from your earlobes may sound kitsch, but if that’s the style you’re going for, you can as well go big with the amazing light-up chandelier earrings of Diana Caldarescu. The young New York-based artist creates these metal wonders out of brass, sterling silver, 14-karat gold, and glass crystals and adds a bit of magic in the form of LED-tipped candles that actually turn on thanks to the power provided by a a small battery pack hidden behind the wearer’s ear.

It’s unclear how long the tiny CR1632 battery can keep the lights on, but that’s definitely enough for you to make an impression. And the good news is that the battery is replaceable, so you can just pop a new one in and keep the attention on yourself.

Growing up in Los Angeles, Diana often dressed in vintage style when going to see old movies in various theaters around the city, and it was this experience that inspired her to create her amazing chandelier earrings.

A recent graduate of the Los Angeles Trade-Technical College, Diana Caldarescu currently has her own jewelry-making business. She used to sell her creations on Etsy, but in December of last year, she moved operations to her official website.

Her unique style of earrings is currently priced at $128 or $158 per pair, but most models are sold out, which is unsurprising, considering how cool they look. She offers a 1-year warranty, but she will happily make sure that your light-up earrings are in working order even after that period “at an economical price”.

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