Alternatives to Divorce: 6 Things To Try Before Ending Your Marriage (With Videos!)

When you go through marital turbulence, divorce is not the only answer you may choose. In fact, you should try out different divorce alternatives and if they don’t work out, pass to marriage termination then. Review the top choices for you to consider instead of getting divorced, and make the ultimate suitable decision without hesitation.

Marriage Counseling

Before you get a closer look at divorce paper samples, consider giving your relationship another chance. You don’t have to deal with all the mess in relationships alone. If you feel that you cannot cope with marital problems without assistance or your partner isn’t much help, professional guidance may be the right option for you.

You may visit a therapist or a marriage counselor with your spouse to improve things between you two. The relevant specialist is there to help you find out the underlying issue and pick up the best suitable solution. In addition, you can improve communication between you two. But you both should be ready to commit to the process if you wish for some positive results for your marriage.

Watch this video to see how to prepare for your first marriage counseling session:

Enhanced Communications

Commonly, significant marital issues grow out of communication malfunctions between spouses. This is especially true with how social media affects marriage and divorce in today’s age. So, the straightest but not always the easiest way is to improve communication in marriage. Here are some basic ideas on how to succeed:

  • start with plain morning chit-chats
  • practice both active and passive listening depending on the situation
  • express your feelings, needs, and expectations clearly
  • respect your partner’s point of view
  • be careful with criticism
  • discuss marital issues openly and strive to find a mutually comfortable solution.

This is far from the full list of how you can evolve communication with your partner to get your relationship on an entirely new level. The basic two things for you to remember are to ground your relationship in respect and be open to cooperation if you want your marriage to last long and happily.

Watch this video to learn some more tips on how to improve your communication in your marriage:

Time Apart

Sometimes you may feel overwhelmed with each other but that doesn’t always mean you should terminate your marriage here and now. Instead, you can try out one of the divorce alternatives which is spending time apart.

Move apart for a week, several weeks, or even months to release stress and tension, and relax without each other. You can spend this time solving personal issues, reinventing yourself, and making decisions about the future of your marriage. You will see whether you still need your partner by your side and what to choose between reconciliation and divorce so that everyone is happy in the end. Read some more tips on taking time apart and watch this video to learn more:

Positive Focus

When you feel that everything is bad about your marriage, maybe it’s time to change your attitude but not file for divorce. One of the most recommended divorce alternatives is to focus on the positive things in your relationships. Here are several ideas on how you can succeed:

  • find out what you like about each other and about being together
  • practice gratitude towards yourself and your partner
  • learn to appreciate the life and marriage you have and look for ways to improve it together
  • organize fun moments for two of you – get a mutual hobby, participate in enjoyable activities together, etc.

Relax a bit and try to look on the bright side when it comes to your relationship. This will help you find inspiration and strength to cope with marital turbulence and improve your relationships gradually.

Alternatives Description
Marriage counseling A form of therapy designed to help couples identify and resolve conflicts in their relationships. Marriage counseling can help couples improve communication, understand each other better, and work through their problems together.
Mediation A process in which a neutral third party helps couples negotiate a settlement agreement. Mediation can be a less confrontational and expensive way to reach a mutually agreeable solution to disputes regarding property, finances, and custody.
Separation A legal agreement that allows couples to live apart while remaining married. Separation can provide time and space for couples to work on their problems and decide whether they want to reconcile or file for divorce.
Collaborative divorce A divorce process in which both parties work together with their attorneys to negotiate a settlement agreement. Collaborative divorce can be less adversarial and expensive than traditional divorce and can help couples maintain control over the outcome of their divorce.
Annulment A legal process that declares a marriage null and void, as if it had never existed. Annulment may be an option for couples who were never legally married due to a defect in the marriage contract or other circumstances.
Postnuptial agreement A legal agreement that couples can enter into after they are married, which outlines how assets and liabilities will be divided in the event of a divorce. A postnuptial agreement can be a way to address concerns that may arise later in a marriage and can help couples avoid the costs and stress of divorce litigation.

Support from Close People

When you look for alternatives to filing a divorce, this doesn’t always need to be the top popular expensive therapist in your neighborhood. Sometimes help is much closer and comes absolutely for free.

Pick out people who you can rely on and share your concerns with them. This can be your friend, relative, or support group in your church, or online. Any of the options will give you a third party who can take an unbiased look at your situation, help you analyze the issue from a different perspective, and, maybe find a solution that you haven’t thought about but that suits you best.

Don’t be afraid or ashamed to open up about your troubles in marriage, trust worthy people and you will deal with any relationship difficulties without getting a divorce.

Trial Separations

If your situation requires a legal alternative to divorce, a trial separation may be the perfect way out. This option will suit your case if you need a step to a lawful regulation on living apart, managing finances on your own, and caring about children safely and equitably.

The separation will grant you a chance to assess the situation of your marriage without filing for divorce yet. You will lead a completely independent life without your partner by your side and make a decision whether this option suits you better than marriage so that you are sure that divorce is the very next right decision you need to take.

Mind, that trial separation is not the same as legal separation. It means the oral agreement between two partners to live apart and manage personal issues independently for the desired period. However, if you need legal regulations to assist you with an independent life before the divorce, a legal separation is the right choice then.

Watch this video to learn some more tips:


Don’t hurry to file for divorce when your relationship is not running as smoothly as you wish. Let legal marriage termination be your last point on the list. Start with simpler alternatives and give yourself another chance for your marriage to survive.

This can be either professional assistance from a marriage counselor or a therapist, or you can appeal for free support from your close friends, relatives, or support groups. Plus, you can take the initiative in your hands and improve the core of your relationship – communication between you two and focus on the positive things in your marriage. You can also try living apart or opt for trial separation to make the decision on divorce easier.

In case all the alternatives don’t help you, file for legal marriage termination without hesitation.