10 Expert Tips: How To Choose Your Bridal Clutch Bag

Searching for a few expert tips on how to choose your Bridal Clutch Bag? You’ve reached the right place. Accessorizing on the biggest day of your life is a big deal. You’ve been picking out your accessories every day of your life, but today is different! Here is a roundup of expert tips from Bag Lady and accessories designer, Julie Mollo, to consider when choosing your cute clutch bag for your wedding day!

1. Personalize it!

Your celebration should be all about YOU! And your accessories should be too! Make sure you spend the extra money and time choosing a clutch that is able to be personalized to make your accessories really stand out in a super unique way and make your wedding even more special!

If you have a small invite list and want to get your guests really excited, personalize pouches for the guests to have as their own seat assignments will really add a special touch to your décor!

How To Choose a Bridal Clutch Bag

Your celebration should be all about YOU! Photo courtesy of Julie Mollo

2. Coordinate it!

You’ve already spent so much time picking out the details of your day, and your accessories should match that! Choosing to match your clutches to the color of your bouquets, and centerpieces ensure a perfectly coordinated day in every photograph, inside or outside of the venue. Customized clutches can also be a great way to hold onto the wedding bands!

3. Have fun designing it!

Having a cute accessory already adds so much happiness to any look, but make sure to choose textural elements like sparkles, feathers, glitter & fun to really level up your bridal look. Being able to see what you are designing before you purchase is so important (and so fun!) to look for a company that offers the ability to visually customize your bridal clutch on an online customizer like this one!

Choose a Bridal Clutch Bag

Have fun designing it. Photo courtesy of Julie Mollo

4. Gift it!

If choosing coordinating clutches for your bridesmaids Create a moment out of gifting them. Designing your bridal bags in advance and creating an unforgettable unboxing experience during a bridesmaid proposal is not only a great way to get your wedding trending hashtags but also a way to make your wedding party feel super special and super involved. Want to involve the men? Grooms can create customized cardholders for their groomsmen to coordinate, too!

5. Photograph it!

Because your accessories will likely be picked up on the accent color of your wedding, this is the perfect opportunity for you to photograph your wedding party with your accessories for a big pop outside of the venue and in any setting, if they are personalized it’s an even more special way to show off everyone’s names and make your wedding party feel extra special on your day.

How To Choose Your Bridal Clutch Bag

Gift and Photograph it. Photo courtesy of Julie Mollo

6. Pack it!

Make sure that when choosing your clutch, you look for one that can *practically* hold anything that you may actually need on your wedding day. Look for a clutch that is able to hold more than a lipstick so that your maid of honor can make sure to keep track of extra essentials- your phone (you won’t need it! Give it to your bff!) extra makeup for touch -oops, honeymoon suite room keys, mints, bobby pins and tissues for tears! Bonus points for a clutch that is able to also hold onto wedding envelopes!

7. Organize It!

Your day is going to be a fast-paced dream, and making sure your clutch is not a messy, bottomless pit is crucial to enjoying your day- keeping tiny clutches inside your bigger clutch is an incredible way to keep you uber-organized and know exactly where everything is, even if you won’t know where your mind is.

8. Strap It!

Having the option to make your clutch a wristlet or cross-body is essential! Your bridesmaids will be passing around your accessories all day and everyone will have their hands full, to ensure nothing gets lost in the shuffle, add a wrist strap to free up your hands during the chaos- especially if your MOH will have and then when you want to class it up and hold your clutch during photos, you can remove it and tuck it inside.

9.Use It Again!

Gifting a personalized bag to coordinate with your wedding is cute, but being able to gift someone a clutch that they will want to use and wear forever and ever? Priceless! Gifting to your bridesmaids in advance allows for multiple photo ops during all of the events leading up to and during the wedding!

Make sure you’re ordering something that is practical enough to use forever and personalized enough that the user will be able to use it going forward without looking like she’s missing the other girls! (a bride tribe bag only looks great with other members of the tribe! A “name” bag looks great all the time!)

10. Enjoy It!

Have fun with whatever you end up accessorizing with! Make sure you don’t have anything that is too fussy, too delicate, or too overpowering in any sense on your day! Your accessory should be something to have FUN with and only add a super happy touch to the details and have fun on your wedding! Lean into your theme and colors and ENJOY!

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