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Venturo Field III-Hands-On Watch Review

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Venturo Field III

Venturo Field III

If you have been following Gruppo Gamma, you will know they launched a second brand a few years ago, Venturo. This Venturo Field III is the third field watch they have produced, and all

Momentum Sea Quartz 30 Hands-On Review

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Momentum Sea Quartz 30

In 1980, Magnum PI hit the airwaves and for the first 3 seasons, Tom Selleck as Magnum wore a Chronosport Sea Quartz 30. Some fans will remember him wearing a Rolex Pepsi GMT,

Greatest Locations To Purchase Engagement Rings 2022

Engagement rings set in stone (pun supposed) probably the most necessary choices a pair could make: Getting married. However they’re additionally invaluable equipment to be worn each day—and hopefully ever after—so the selection will be daunting. Fashionable positive jewelers make

Ball Engineer Grasp II Diver Chronometer Fingers-On Assessment

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Ball Engineer Grasp II Diver Chronometer

Ball’s first iteration of this dive watch dates all the best way again to 2006, so 16 years in the past, and now their newest model, the Ball Engineer Grasp II

Nezumi Voiture VM1S Chronograph Overview

One of many nicest experiences for a watch nerd is discovering a brand new model, and just lately I’ve had the pleasure to find Nezumi. The Swedish model has existed since 2011, and initially targeted on clothes earlier than launching

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