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Bandai Namco Teases a Possible DLC For The Game

Elden Ring publisher, Bandai Namco, has teased a possible return to The Lands Between. The title was released in February 2022, and since then, DLC content has been the topic of much speculation.

Fans of the game will be delighted

Elden Ring Sells 20 Million Units

Elden Ring has officially sold over 20 million copies in less than a year according to Bandai Namco and developer FromSoftware.

The announcement came just days before Elden Ring’s one year launch anniversary on February 25 in a tweet from

Best Regions For The Tarnished To Explore Next

Elden Ring updates have focused on revitalizing the Lands Between thus far. The next DLC should be outside of the island for the next best setting.

following Elden Rings‘s Colosseums update, attention has turned to what FromSoftware will do

Lacking Moon Trusted Answerable for Saturn’s Rings

Saturn’s rings might have been shaped by a lacking moon that smashed into the planet round 160 million years in the past, scientists consider.

The absent moon, known as Chrysalis, may also clarify why the planet tilts barely in its

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