Mischievous M’sian Hangs Clothes on GF’s Hoop Earring in Viral Video, Much to the Amusement of Netizens

When it comes to lighthearted moments, TikTok never fails to deliver, and a recent video posted by @heyowshu on her account has ticked all viewers.

The video captures a hilarious moment involving @heyowshu and her boyfriend, leaving viewers in stitches and spreading laughter. The video managed to gain a massive 80.2K likes and 873.9K views at the time of writing!

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In the now-viral clip, the couple is seen standing near a cashier counter, ready to pay for their items.

However, what unfolds next is unexpected and comical. Seeing the perfect opportunity, @heyowshu’s mischievous boyfriend playfully hangs a shirt on her earring, resulting in a momentary mix of surprise and annoyance by her.

@heyowshu told her boyfriend, “Take it away now. Hurry, everyone’s watching.”

The entire incident is perfectly captured on camera, as the boyfriend records every priceless reaction he received from his girlfriend.

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The video quickly resonates with Malaysians who appreciate the joy that can be found in the simplest of gestures. It has become a sensation, drawing laughter from people of all ages and backgrounds.

the charm lies not only in the boyfriend’s playful act but also in the genuine reaction from @heyowshu, whose reaction is bound to brighten anyone’s day.

What makes this video truly remarkable is its authenticity!

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In an interview with WORLD OF BUZZ, @heyowshu said,

“I am in the process of choosing clothes and then my boyfriend told me he wanted to treat me. I told him to take it to the counter to pay, and then he jokingly hung the clothes on my earring and said, ‘See, now it’s easy, no need to hold them anymore!’”

@heyowshu’s video has succeeded in touching the hearts of Malaysiansdemonstrating the power of humor to unite people and uplift spirits. The comment section is flooded with netizens expressing their amusement.

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“Oh now I know the real function of it, so funny!”

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“Hahaha, it’s fortunate to have a boyfriend like this. Both of you are cute.”

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“Bro, you need to hang another on the other side to make it balance.”

You can watch the videos below.


oh god shame on me😭

♬ original sound – heyowshu – heyowshu

In a time when we all could use a good laugh, this video reminds us of the simple pleasures that can be found in everyday moments.

What are your thoughts on this video, do share with us in the comments section below!

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