12, Feb 2023
‘Valentine gift for girlfriend mice’: Video of rat stealing diamond necklace from jewelery shop goes viral, Twitterati in splits : The Tribune India

Tribune Web Desk

Chandigarh, February 5

Incidents of robbery are quite common across as many CCTV videos keep circulating on social media platforms where people break into houses, shops and carry out burglaries. Most people bear the consequences and get penalised after being caught but imagine the dilemma if you find a mouse carrying out the act with impunity. Well a video in this regard has been getting viral where a rat could be seen stealing a precious diamond necklace kept on display at a jewelery shop.

The video has been shared on Twitter by Rajesh Hingankar, who is an IPS officer.

The video shows the rodent jumping onto the necklace stand and then scurrying back through the same path with the precious pendant.

Since being shared, the video has amassed over 1 lakh views. Netizens have initiated a fun feast over the peculiar act in the comment section. Many are left in splits.

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